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      Configuration on retail store for variable store opening hours

      Suggested by Eric ThunemApproved 0
      Category: Channel Management

      Currently on the retail store form in the miscellaneous section it is possible to specify the opening hours of the retail store. However, this configuration doesn't allow for variable store hours on different days of the week. For instance, ecommerce sites may want to pull this information from D365 to display the store's opening hours for the week, so it would be convenient to be able to configure different hours for different days in D365.
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      Product Lifecycle Status on Retail Assortments

      Suggested by Edward PhillipsNew 0
      Category: Channel Management

      The current D365 Retail Assortment functionality enables the User to specify the criteria in which products will be sent from D365 to the Channel Databases for Retail Channels.

      The current filter criteria are limited to Product Category and Item ID.

      A product may belong to a certain category but has a certain Product Lifecycle Status which means it shouldn't be sent to the store channel (yet). For example, it's being purchased but it's not available for sale yet, so shouldn't be "discoverable" on the mPOS.

      To save having to manage Assortments at such a fine level of detail, it would be good to add Product Lifecycle Status as a filter to the Assortments screen, so that even if a product exists in the category that is assorted to a channel, it wouldn't exist until it reached a certain lifecycle status. e.g. Sales Active.
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      New Store - Retail Channel Id to follow Number sequences framework

      Suggested by Praveen ParameswaranNew 1
      Category: Channel Management

      For the new Retail Store Creation, currently the Store Number, Operating Unit number sequences can be set as "Manual" and manually entered the desired format on the Retail Stores Form. But Retail Channel Id field is completely non-editable even after setting the number sequence as Manual. This creates a mismatch in the Store sequences where customers would like to keep the same identification for both Store Number & Retail Channel Id.

      To follow the standard D365 number sequence pattern for the id fields in Retail Store > Retail Channel Id during Retail Store creation.
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      Do not include products in chennel from assortments in draft status

      Suggested by Eswar NitturuRejected 0
      Category: Channel Management

      1. Create multiple assortments where a particular store is assigned. Ensure each assortment has different sets of products.
      2. Publish couple of assortments.
      3. Edit all assortments and publish only one assortment which has this specific store and set of products assigned to it.
      4. Run process assortment from retail periodic section.
      5. The channel products for the above store still shows all products which are not part of the published assortment.