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      Data Management Export & Encrypt Data

      Suggested by Stuart HonourNew 0
      Category: Deployment

      Would be nice to see Data Management Export Process support encrypting Data to allow data to be moved between AX Environments without the data being compromised (GDPR).
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      Complex process for Retail targeting after data refresh in retail environment

      Suggested by Shafeeque MohammedUnder Review 0
      Category: Deployment

      When the data is refreshed to a sandbox environment, retail retargeting job fails if the customer is using RSSU. For the re targeting job to go through, one should remove all Retail channel data groups and keep only the default channel data group. The job will succeeded only when all distribution jobs are applied in the retail DB.

      The current Retail Redeployment package was released before RSSU was introduced and I assume it doesn't support an environment with RSSU.