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    Click and Collect fulfilled from central warehouse, rather than store

    Suggested by Andrew NewnhamNew 1
    Category: Cross-Channel Order Processing

    We desperately need functionality to process a click and collect order where the order is fulfilled from a central warehouse. This is the process the vast majority of customers uses, mainly for picking abilities and stock accuracy (better at warehouse than in store).

    As opposed to taking the stock from store, the stock is picked at a central warehouse, and delivered to the store, pre packages ready for customer pick up.

    We need the ability to
    a.) process this kind of order (from all channels)
    b.) mark it as received at the store (with an email sent to the customer to notify them it is ready to collect) - preferably by scanning the order number in a separate screen.
    c.)Pick up process which is just an acknowledgement in the system that it is been collected (the dispatch and invoice has already been completed).

    d.) Ideal scenario - a mechanism to process failed collections - where the customer does not show up. In this scenario, we should be able to refund the customer automatically, and either put the stock back into store stock, or return to the warehouse.
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    Refund to card/method from web sale when refunding in store

    Suggested by Andrew NewnhamNew 0
    Category: Cross-Channel Order Processing

    Recently I have seen an increase in customers requesting the ability to identify the original payment used for a web order, to complete an automatic refund from store (POS) to that same payment.

    For example, if I use my PayPal account on the website. when I return the goods to a store, the store just refunds straight to my PayPal account.

    Obviously an override is needed in case the customer requests differently (maybe that paypall account has been closed).

    I also know this depends on the payment connector / provider abilities, but the key is a button in POS to refund to the web payment method used, and then for the payment connector to attempt it and authorise it LIVE.

    Hope that makes sense. Feel free to reach out it not!
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    Barcode image is not being included in Emailed receipts sent from MPOS

    Suggested by Poornima PatilNew 0
    Category: Cross-Channel Order Processing

    The Barcode image is not included in the emailed receipt.
    Configure email receipts
    Run a transaction through MPOS that sends receipt via email
    Review the sent email
    No barcode image is inserted, only text from the barcode.
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    CPOS/MPOS: Gift card | Optimize amount handling

    Suggested by Greg BlaserNew 0
    Category: Cross-Channel Order Processing

    Currently, when paying with a gift card doesn't work ideal. There are two issues we're facing:

    - Available amount on gift card has to be checked with a click of a button
    - The amount of the basket is entered as the amount payable.

    This causes the following issues:
    One click more is necessary to validate how much is available - it would be great if this information is shown automatically
    If the amount due exceeds the available amount on the gift card, the amount has to be entered manually

    This would lead to the following change:
    Automatically show the available amount upon entering a gift card code
    Preset the amount payable with either the amount due or the available amount on the gift card, whichever is higher