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    Allow more barcodes to be printed / flagged as „UseForPrinting“

    Suggested by Florian MückeUnder Review 1
    Category: Inventory Management

    Currently it is not allowed to create several item barcodes for an item variant with the property „UseForPrinting“ checked. This is checked in the validateWrite-method of the InventItemBarcode-Table. This also includes the unit of the item variant.

    So if one item variant has several units and each unit has a corresponding barcode, only one of the barcodes can be marked as “UseForPrinting”. If “UseForPrinting” is used to find a barcode and the find method also includes the unit, no result is found.

    Resolution would be to allow more than just one Barcode to be marked as "UseForPrinting" - esp. in the context of using multiple UOMs it is essential to be able to print more than just one Barcode.
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    Discontinue variants on mPOS registar

    Suggested by Supriya KumarPlanned 0
    Category: Inventory Management

    Need an ability to block variants on register, at the moment on released Product there is a checkbox to block a product at register. But this feature needs to be further enhanced to block specific variants at the register.


    For an Item A, colour blue is blocked at the register

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    POS sales should be posted as a physical transaction

    Suggested by Kurt HatlevikUnder Review 0
    Category: Inventory Management

    When POS sales are imported to Dynamics 365 through p-jobs, the transactions are creating inventory transactions with the issue status "reserved physical/on-order". It would make much more sense to have theese transactions posted as deduced.

    This because the current design creates a lot of issues in terms of counting in the stores. The statement postings can be delayed or stopped because of bugs, and any counting then will be wrong.

    So instead of having theese intermediate statuses I hope that Microsoft can find a way to physically post the retail transactions as soon as they are imported.

    Yes, I know that this is difficult, but the ability to have correct onhand and the ability to count is more important.
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    Inventory lookup for No Store Warehouses should not present if Qty on hand <=0Pcs

    Suggested by Jaroslaw PiekarzUnder Review 0
    Category: Inventory Management

    In Inventory lookup in POS there is presented Qty on hand for Store's and No Stores Warehouses.

    In case if Qty on hand <= 0Pcs then No Store's Warehouses should not be presented.
    It should be implemented only for No Store's Warehouses.
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    Warning at POS when item inventory is zero in D365

    Suggested by Eric ThunemUnder Review 0
    Category: Inventory Management

    This suggestion is for the POS to provide a warning when the inventory of an item you are trying to sell is zero (as represented in D365 on-hand amounts). This will warn that the inventory of that item will go into the negative. Also, some companies may not want inventory to ever go negative, in which case it would be convenient to be able to block a sale of an item with zero inventory at the POS.

    This feature would not be used in the case that a customer already has the product in their hands before purchase, however, in a case where product inventory is tightly controlled and is stored behind the counter or in a back room it would be quite useful to prevent or warn about the sale of zero inventory items. In this case, the inventory problem could be discovered at the POS right away and then the company could take steps to fix it.
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    Receiving items with dimenion serial number on POS

    Suggested by Florian MückePlanned 0
    Category: Inventory Management

    Currently it is not possible to enter SNs upon item receiption on POS. You Need use the regulr receiption process and have a warehouse device in addtition to the POS.

    It would really be good if it would be possible to register SNs upon item receiption on POS wihtout the need of an additionial device.

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    Cannot modify Cross dock\Buyers Push once orders created from Purchase orders

    Suggested by Dawn LanglieUnder Review 1
    Category: Inventory Management

    If a Buyer's push or a retail cross dock is created and orders are created, the buyer's push and cross dock cannot be modified.

    This is an especially big issue, since the cross dock performs an on order reservation, and there is no other way to place a reservation against the inventory until the order is received into a DC. This is a disruption to the supply chain.

    When goods on a purchase order is cross docked for delivery to stores, the user calculates the cross docking quantities and the orders are created. Once the orders are created, there is no way to edit these cross-docked orders.

    If some of the quantities on the Purchase orders are changed , it is not possible to recalculate the allocation on the cross docked orders or when deleting a purchase order line, the cross docking is not updated
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    Not transferring to Store’s db records with Available Physical Qty = 0 Pcs in table RetailInventAvailability

    Suggested by Jaroslaw PiekarzUnder Review 0
    Category: Inventory Management

    There are uploaded to Store Product inventory availability all available records in InventSum also with Available Physical Qty = 0 Pcs.
    It is required to transfer only records with Available Physical Qty > 0 Pcs.

    Steps to reproduce
    1. Run Product availability job; go to Retail/ Periodic/ Product availability
    2. Run 1130 Job
    3. Data replicated to store using offline database

    There is transferred to Store huge number of records in RetailInventAvailability table.