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      Allow Offline Data to be synchronized on a different schedule from the channel DB

      Suggested by Warren LubranskyUnder Review 0
      Category: CDX and data management

      Currently the offline Data packages for a register are created on the same schedule as the channel DB.

      This increases the bandwidth requirements from a store perspective (especially with an RSSU in place).

      Allowing a different schedule (data group?) for the offline DB allows flexibility for a retailer to control when offline data updated (e.g. daily), or a on a different schedule to that of the main channel DB.

      This is more critical with the introduction of the RSSU, given this will also synchronize to the store.

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      Allow custom fields to be distributed to channel database without extensions

      Suggested by Kurt HatlevikNew 0
      Category: CDX and data management

      In D365 F&O it is now possible to add new fields directly from the UI. Like adding a new field to the customer. I see that we can add this field manually to the sub-scheduler jobs, and also add the field to the schema. It would be nice if this also was supported in the channel database, and more dynamically adding new fields to the channel database without creating extensions.
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      Support product attributes in sales quotations (like in sales orders)

      Suggested by Florian MückeUnder Review 0
      Category: CDX and data management

      It is possible to extend the POS(call center to handle attributes in a sales order.

      Related docs article regarding this particular feature:

      Unfortuantely those retail attributes are not available for sales quotations. The method of real-time service = GetCustomerQuote does not have logic to fetch and return retail attributes.

      This is due to the fact that attributes are not supported in sales quotations, which is breaking the consistent user experience of the supply chain here.

      Hence requesting to also support attributes in sales quotations in the near future so they are part of the whole sales process.
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      Allow filtering of data within a data group during CDX syncronization

      Suggested by Warren LubranskyUnder Review 0
      Category: CDX and data management

      Currently, if any data is different per channel (e.g. customers) and there is a legal or privacy reason they cannot exist in every channel, then data groups cannot be used.

      This has significant impact on performance as the only alternative at present is to have a separate data group per store (even though the majority of data is the same).

      Allowing specific entities, namely the customer or an ISV entity, to be filtered by store within a data group would allow the data group concept to be used, whilst filtering store specifc data.


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      Offline DB to have a separate schema to channel DB

      Suggested by Warren LubranskyUnder Review 0
      Category: CDX and data management

      Offline DB may not always have the same requirements as the channel DB.

      Currently the two are interlinked and it is difficult for an ISV to add and control their content for the offline scenario.

      This will also impact bandwidth usage for a store given the same packages are synchronized to the RSSU & any offline terminal.

      The ability to separate out the schema from the channel DB to limit what is synchronized to an offline DB is beneficial and will reduce load on the CDX process.



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      Hybrid data fetch in MPOS

      Suggested by Amit KumarUnder Review 0
      Category: CDX and data management

      MPOS should have hybrid data fetch model where it should retrieve all the master data from offline when supported.