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    Make deposit default configurable at delivery method/mode level

    Suggested by Andrew NewnhamUnder Review 0
    Category: Order Management

    A regular request from customers I have seen, is that they would expect different deposit values, dependant on whether the customer is having an item home delivered, or to collect from another store.

    Home delivery often requires the customer to pay in full up front. Where as collect at another store is often pay on collection.

    the solution to this would be to configure the deposit value based on the shipping method assigned to the line.

    Admittedly this becomes less clear on a mixed order, however the logic would still work

    I have 1x Item for home delivery at $20
    I have 1x item for collection at $10

    If home delivery was 100% and collection was a token 10% deposit. The deposit value should be $21 - with $9 to pay on collection.
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    MPOS Receipt: Credit Memo Number Scannable Bar Code

    Suggested by Dawn LanglieUnder Review 0
    Category: Order Management

    The receipt number and Customer Order is a scannable bar code, but the Credit memo is not on the Receipt and needs to be.

    The credit memo number sequence is usually pretty long and has to be keyed in by a user to be consumed in the POS. No credit memo bar code field is available in the receipt designer to bring in this number as a scannable barcode for users. Instead they have to key in a 10+ character number manually, this can lead to consuming the wrong credit memo or errors in finding the credit memo number.
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    Customer orders marked as 'Carry out all' must be processed in Real-time (as customer orders) and must not be transformed to cash-and-carry transactions

    Suggested by Oksana KovaliovaUnder Review 0
    Category: Order Management

    Recently new functionality has been introduced in CPOS: 'Carry out' orders.

    This functionality is very convenient, when Business needs always to track inventory levels in real-time: in such case only Customer orders are created in POS, no cash-and-carry sales.

    ‘Recall order’ and ‘Pickup’ operations are required for ‘Customer orders’ to create an invoice; using 'Carry out' order is much faster, because invoice is created automatically right after the cart checkout.

    Unfortunately, currently it's impossible to create 'Carry out all' customer order (order with all products to carry out): POS automatically transforms such order into cash-and-carry sale.

    It would be very helpful for Business to make possible 'Carry out all' orders creation in real-time. We found a way to change the behavior by a small code fix in POS.js file, but do not plan to have this as GoLive-solution and looking forward to have this fix included into some new release.


    1. If we create customer order and mark some products (not all) for 'Carry out', after checkout

                   0) Transaction receives type 19 = 'Customer order'

                   1) Sales order is created in D365 in real-time right after the cart checkout

                   2) Invoice for 'carry out' products is created in D365 in real-time right after sales order creation (#1)

    2. If we create customer order and mark all products for 'Carry out' (select 'Carry out all'), after checkout:

                   0) Transaction receives type 2 = 'Sales' (or Cash-and-carry sale)

                   1) No sales order is created in D365 in real-time

                   2) Transaction will come to D365 only after P-job running and will go through standard Statement process to be processed => huge delay between sale in POS and inventory level update in D365 .

    Thank you!

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    Configuration or extension points that allow to disable or modify the requested delivery date fields when creating customer order from Dynamics 365 POS.

    Suggested by Freck .Under Review 0
    Category: Order Management

    We have not met any project where as is functionality support the retailers expectations.
    1. It is very rare that a customer don’t want their products as fast as possible.
    2. It is very rare that the store staff have information avalible to actually discuss or suggest a delivery date.
    3. In most of the projects we have been working on, the products will be shipped as fast as possible. No choice or suggestion is possible from a logistics perspective and the standard function just create confusion and extra clicks.