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      Split-Bill functionallity

      Suggested by Kurt HatlevikUnder Review 21
      Category: Store Operations and POS

      Split Bill is a highly requested and common function for many restaurants customers frequently request to split bill directly from the point of sales system. This feature offers a convenience to customers who wants to know the exact amount to pay for their food orders respectively. Also separate receipts are generated when the bill is split. There are different way's of splitting a bill. Like evenly divided, where all bill contains the same lines, but the amount's are divided by the number of payers. Also the most common requirement is to be able to move the transaction lines between the bills, and then separately pay them. In a restaurant we often see that some guests go before others, and want's to pay their bill before others.
      In addition to Split Bill, there is also a need of "Combine Bill" to take two sales, and combine them again.
      The Dynamics 365 Fore Retail have an enormous potential for also covering restaurant domains, and this is a key functionality for covering this domain.
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      Support for double return receipt and separate return receipt design.

      Suggested by Freck .Under Review 11

      Retail best practice in relation to return receipt in many countries:

      • When a return transaction processed.

      • Two receipts are printed in one go.

      • Receipt design are different than normal sales transaction receipts. Clearly stating return transaction receipt.

        • Receipt copy 1. Customers copy. Customer keep.

        • Receipt copy 2. Retailers copy. Dotted line. Customer sign name and phone number. This copy saved/archived by the retailer.

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      no desposit on shipping charge

      Suggested by Laura Van RoeyUnder Review 0

      Provide a general parameter to say whether the deposit amount should include shipping charge.

      If you now would have 50% desposit and the customer orders something with a shipping charge of 40. He deposit will include 20 for shipping. If the customer cancels his order in time/or later decides to do pickup in store, then you charged him 20 for nothing an a complete refund policy needs to start. 

      with this parameter our customers can decide themselves how they handle deposits on shipping charges

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      Add Label Printing Functionality!!!! PLEASE

      Suggested by Scott HigleyUnder Review 1
      Category: Store Operations and POS

      Many Retailers need a Label printing option from the POS. Help meet this need!

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      Gift Card on a POS sales order

      Suggested by Laura Van RoeyUnder Review 1

      When creating a sales order in the POS, you cannot add a gift card with delivery method: cash and carry.

      Allow that when placing an order, a customer can also buy a gift card at the same time as cash and carry.

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      Allow cross-company returns from retail POS

      Suggested by Microsoft – Under Review 4

      Allow cross-company returns from retail POS

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      MPOS Offline package enhancement: Provide option for SQL Server 2016 Express deployment

      Suggested by Juergen KretschekUnder Review 0

      Currently, for Dynamics 365 MPOS Offline SQL Server 2014 Express Edition is being deployed for the Offline DB.


      The suggestion received from a partner is to offer a functionality to use SQL Server 2016 Express instead. This would provide the following benefits:

      • Leveraging data compession feature included in SQL Express from 2016 SP1 onwards (=> 10GB .mdf size limit)

      • Having the latest stack technology in place (=> product lifecycle)


      It should be pointed out with such an option thst the core components of SQL Server 2016 can be installed on a target machine having x64 OS only.

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      Confirm Quotation in CPOS

      Suggested by Laura Van RoeyCompleted 0

      No operation exists to convert a sales quotation to a sales order in the POS. You can create a quote, you can edit is, but not confirm it.

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      POS, Search on customer attributes.

      Suggested by Freck .Under Review 2

      We have today received confirmation though the support that the POS Search functionalities do not support search on the new configuration drive extensions, customer attribute functionality introduced in the 2017-07 release.


      We would like to suggest this functionality to be implemented, and that it is controlled by the existing check box "Searchable" in the attribute configuration.


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      add customer name to suspended transaction screen

      Suggested by Laura Van RoeyUnder Review 3

      the suspended transaction operations now shows only time, operator id and amount.

      On a bussy day some sales persons walk around with the customers and already enters the items. The customer then goes to the register to pay for the products (there might be a queue here). as sales is mostly registered on customer name, it would be good to see customer name in the suspended transaction screen so at the register they can easily find the suspended order.