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      Provide NAV style access to Permission Sets and User Groups in D365F

      Suggested by Malcolm StewartCompleted 2

      D365 for Financials administrators need to be able to fine tune user access, more precisely than is currently possible with existing D365 Permission Sets.  (Normally this is to reduce access for some users.)

      The need for this enhancement is demonstrated here , here and here

      Please could we have the ability to copy existing D365 Permission Sets, modify the copies (change RIMDEX settings for the contained permissions) and apply those copies to users, directly or through user groups.


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      Possibility to plan a job queue for the last day of the month

      Suggested by AC Petr JNew 0
      Category: Financial Management

      There is not possible to plan a job queue for the last day of the month. Is it possible to add Date formula for these cases? Or is it possible to provide an event for this kind of customization?
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      Filtering On Reports Not Working

      Suggested by Bert DTRejected 1
      Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

      You are unable to print multiple records for 1 report for different customers.

      Go to the Sales Orders.
      Find orders that have the same value in a/multiple field(s) from different customers and Filter on it/them.
      “Salesperson Code” = ‘KS’ and “Document Date” = '01/05/18..'

      Now we want to print the order confirmation for these orders.

      Observe the reports
      Only the first selected order is printed.

      It seems like the report doesn't take the filters on the requestpage in account.
      However it does, but before that all the orders are already filtered on the selected record to apply the custom report layouts for that customer.

      Make it possible to print multiple reports from different customers.

      (perhaps an extra loop around the customer report layout functionality to apply for multiple different customers?)

      MS Call 118101819242689
      Discovered on NAV2018CU8-BE = 11.0.23572.0
      But also fails on BC BE Dynamics NAV 13.0 (25789)
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      Allow to configuration the available Document Types for "New" in the Outlook Add-Ins

      Suggested by Daniel GöhlerAccepted 1

      Allow to configuration the available Document Types for New in the Outlook Add-Ins

      Currently the Outlook Add-Ins supports Sales Documents like Sales Quote, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Sales Credit Memo and Reminder also Purchase Documents like Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice and Purchase Credit Memo.

      In the trading business scenario that I know of, Customer request Sales Quote (available) and like to Sales Order (available) and would like return things so Sales Return Orders is missing. Sales Invoice and Sales Credit Memo maybe useful for some companies, but my customers don’t need them. Customer get his Invoices as the result of Posting the Order (or later Combine Shipment) with the configured Document Sending Profile. So, there is no need for creating that in Outlook. (Same for Posting Return Order -> Credit Memo or Combine Return Receipts). Also, all Customers I know create Reminders in Batch (Create Reminders and Suggest Reminder Lines) and send them from there.

      In Purchase I miss New Documents for Purchase Quote to request a quote from a vendor and maybe Purchase Return Order to return something. In think new Purchase Order and Credit Memo are useful here if the vendor sends his invoice and credit memos. Integration with Incoming Document would be nice.

      In totally miss the Service Documents: Service Quote, Service Order and Service Contract.
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      Customer/Vendor Card Emails

      Suggested by Kristen HosmanUnder Review 5
      Category: Sales

      Allow more than one email to be setup on the customer/vendor card.
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      Need to be able to reprint vendor Remittances to resend to Vendor after the fact

      Suggested by Jennifer ReinhardtUnder Review 5
      Category: Purchasing

      user is requesting to be able to reprint a remittance to send to a vendor after checks and remittances have been printed...this is for both Checks and EFT payment type of transactions.

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      View distributions and sub-ledger journal view fields should be available before posting the project invoice- ax 2012

      Suggested by Praveen Singh BhadauriaRejected 3
      Category: Financial Management

      Before posting the project invoice, the expected posting ledgers not able to view due to unavailability of the “View Distributions and sub Ledger” into the AX 2012 R3, while the same required functionality is available with purchase invoice, Free text invoice.

      The functionality should be available with project invoice posting form because there are many transactions are posted with customer invoice, like retention, advance and any other chargeable activity.
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      Company Name at Top of Screen

      Suggested by Justin DouglasRejected 0

      If you work with multiple companies at one time it should be possible at a glance to know what company you are working in.

      My suggestion is to put the company name at the top:

      Dynamics 365 - Business Central - Company Name
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      Add a "Released Order" or "Orders Ready to Pick" View

      Suggested by Joshua BarneckUnder Review 1
      Category: Sales

      Once a sales order has been released, it would be great if warehouse/shipping staff could easily see a screen with a list of orders ready to be picked and shipped. Ideally from that screen they could then easily start warehouse management, picking, or shipping processes for an order(s). This would help with digital transformation and provide an alternative to using paper. It would also provide improved out of the box workflow functionality for Business Central.
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      Inactivate customers

      Suggested by Christine TEvidence Gathering 2

      We have thousands of customers that are inactive and would like a way to either not view them, mark them as inactive, or just not sync them over from Dynamics CRM.