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    Purchase invoice List

    Suggested by Mark McLeanPlanned 1
    Category: Financial Management

    Could you add the Vendor Invoice number to the purchase invoice list view?



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    Delete Customers

    Suggested by KENNETH KELLYPlanned 1
    Category: Data Migrations

    When setting up the CRM connector a number of customers were populated into Financials.  There are ways to export/import those records and change them, but no way to delete the records. 

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    Archive Time Sheets

    Suggested by Microsoft – Rejected 0
    Category: Financial Management

    Archive Time Sheets function still missing.

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    Enable Advanced App Area Reports

    Suggested by Val GameiroNew 0
    Category: Financial Management

    There are a host of reports missing from BC that are in NAV.

    For example, in NAV when you search for “outstanding”, you will get sales order reports and purchase order reports.

    In D365BC you will only get Sales Order reports.

    But you go to Report layout selection, you will see the PO reports as well, and you can even run them from there.

    A very important report, for instance, is Order Shipped Not Invoiced. We can't find that in the interface, but going to Report Layout Selection it is there, and we can run it from there.

    There are others I can't remember, and I can't say which get used and which don't so I'd rather have access to all the same reports as in NAV (minus, process only reports, perhaps).

    It'll make our life a lot easier, because we have decades if experience in NAV and BC just keeps falling short in these little areas. Sometimes it makes us look bad, because something as simple as Shipped Not Invoiced is not available.

    Thanks a lot!
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    print UPS and USPS shipping labels without leaving D365BC

    Suggested by Erez HadadNew 0
    Category: Inventory

    when the order is ready to ship the user should be able to click " create waybill / shipping label" using UPS or USPS direct connection to pull pricing from their system than pick, buy and print the shipping label without leaving the erp.

    how is microsoft suggesting to work it our now?

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    Analysis By DImension Export to Excel Remove Edit in Excel

    Suggested by Planned 1
    Category: Financial Management

    The Edit in excel doesn't work on the 'View - Analysis by Dimension Matrix' page and there is no means of exporting to Excel.

    Support has indicated that the ‘Edit in Excel’ option is automatically added to list pages in Business Central. It doesn’t always make sense for it to be there and it doesn’t even always work. There are several pages where it exists and does not work or display the proper data. Since this page is building a report on the fly it’s not something that will translate through to ‘Edit in Excel’ which is using the Dynamics Excel Add-in.

    The Edit in Excel should be removed as an option and an Export functionality added so that the results can be exported or printed so that it can be shared with others.
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    Email Multiple Sales Invoices

    Suggested by Richard CloyesPlanned 0
    Category: Sales

    You can select multiple invoices from the sales invoices view but when you select post and send the feature only posts one of the selected invoices. Not sure if this is a bug or a new feature but it would be nice if you could select multiple invoices and process (post or post/send).
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    Posting Preview in Payment Reconciliation Journals

    Suggested by AC Petr JPlanned 0
    Category: Financial Management

    There is missing Posting Preview in Payment Reconciliation Journals. Is it possible to add this feature?
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    Physical Inventory for Lot and Serial Tracking

    Suggested by Bob RainvilleUnder Review 0
    Category: Inventory

    This request is to enhance the "Calculate Inventory" function in the Physical Inventory Journal to break the inventory down so that there are individual journal lines at the Item, Location, Variant, Bin, Lot No., and Serial No. level. I if the Physical count doesn't match the calculated count then Item Tracking Entries are automatically created for the difference.

    This will make taking, and processing, the inventory counts much more efficient.
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    Apply and Unapply functionality for General Ledger Entries

    Suggested by Dirk ReepsUnder Review 1
    Category: Financial Management

    The customers would like the Apply/Unapply General Ledger Entry local functionality currently available for France, Belgian, Netherlands etc. to be made available in the UK database (or better in W1 so all localizations get this nice feature)