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    Ability to Add XML Fields for Word Documents

    Suggested by Daniel BerubePlanned 2
    Category: Other

    While there are many fields in the XML for the word forms, there are always new ones that customers would like to add.  For example, on the sales invoice the email address fields that are associated with the Bill To and Ship To addresses is not available.  Email for example, is something people like to print on their invoice/order formats. 


    The ability to add to the XML fields for all Word forms would be great.


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    Attribute per Item Unit of Measure

    Suggested by Stephane BeaupreNew 0
    Category: Inventory

    My last post made me realize that the attribute table is great but could be greater if they would be specific to an Item Unit of Measure. For example, Gross Weight, Dimensions... could be pulled from this table and printed on a pick instruction document.

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    Fix the bugs and design shortcomings in "RapidStart" and "Export to Excel"

    Suggested by David BoehmPlanned 1
    Category: Data Migrations

    Let me start by stating that I think RapidStart is basically a wonderful tool.

    In order to use it most efficiently, I usually enter the first Journal Entry line manually, export the RapidStart package, and use that first journal entry as an example when creating the rest of the entries for any given spreadsheet within the RapidStart package.

    In regard to inventory items, I created an inventory item manually in Financials with  a "base unit of measure" of "PCS".  Of course, "PCS" is one of defaults that are included in Financials when you first generate any new tenant.

    Since I couldn't add item quantities through RapidStart, or "Export to Excel", I had to go item-by-item through the Item Card screen.  When I tried to use the "Adjust Inventory" action, I would receive an error message telling me that "PCS" was not a valid base unit of measure.  To get around this, I would click on the elipsis next to "base unit of measure" on the Item card, select a different unit of measure, save it, then hit the elipsis again, and re-select "PCS".

    "PCS" is pretty easy to spell, but I actually used Excel's "Fill Down" function to populate this column in each row of my RapidStart Inventory Items spreadsheet, so I know it wasn't mis-entered.  I'm guessing that your RapidStart validation doesn't trim this field when it uploads it to Financials.  Apparently your lookup routine with the Item card also doesn't trim this field during the lookup process.

    In any event, when you consider that quantities can't be entered via RapidStart, quantities can't be updated via "Export to Excel", and quantities can't be adjusted through the Item card without first re-selecting the "base unit of measure", you've managed to create an environment of almost total frustration!

    In the end, it was humanly possible to get inventory items (along with on-hand quantities) into Financials, but because of a series of design shortcomings and bugs within your solution, this took far, far, far longer than it ever should have.

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    Security Role Creation – Edit in Excel

    Suggested by Natalie LemkePlanned 0
    Category: Other

    Ability to restrict user access to “Edit in Excel” functionality – i.e. a user with D365 ACC. PAYABLE needs to be able to create new vendors/edit vendors in the application from the vendor list page, but may/may not need access to edit the entire vendor list by default.  Permission to access this function should be segregated for data integrity purposes.   Since there is no other way to manipulate data in Excel, there is a risk to a user leveraging “Edit in Excel” to extract data for analysis, and that user then has access to update that entire vendor record list. 

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    Support for consolidated finacial reports

    Suggested by Philip MorrowPlanned 0
    Category: Financial Management

    Need to run consolidated financials across 5 companies each with their own local currency.

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    Post Inventory Cost to G/L Report

    Suggested by Marc HaimeUnder Review 0
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    When running the Post Inventory Cost to G/L report and sending the result to PDF the report displays the General Posting Setup and the Entry type but it does not display the G/L Code for the accounts which were posted to.


    This would be a useful amendment to the report.

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    RapidStart spreadsheet for ship-to addresses

    Suggested by David BoehmPlanned 0
    Category: Data Migrations

    Quite often, customers have multiple shipping addresses.  In fact, it is not uncommon for a single customer to have dozens of shipping addresses.  There is currently no way to automate the entry of shipping addresses to D365FF.  This can't be done through RapidStart, nor can it be done via Excel (from the "Ship-to Address" list).  We need to be able to do this.

    You've been good enough to include a "Customer" spreadsheet in the RapidStart workbook, but the real data volume is typically in the shipping addresses.



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    Weighted Average Cost instead of Latest Cost Price in Inventory Journals

    Suggested by Wamik AzamNew 1
    Category: Inventory



    During any Inventory Journal system should take the Weighted Average Cost be it Counting Journal, Adjustment Journal or Movement Journal.


    WAC is a standard method used globally for Retail Industries and the Accounting will be wrong in case we are using the Latest Cost Price.Support Request ID: 117053015813267



    00 60 12 611 8490

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    Ability to import Bank Reconciliation values from Excel Spreadsheet

    Suggested by Jennifer ReinhardtUnder Review 0
    Category: Financial Management

    As a backup to Yodlee and ADP, we have a request to have a basic Excel Format to allow import of Bank Reconciliation information if needed.

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    Select multiple records - bulk delete / edit

    Suggested by IAN BOURNEPlanned 1
    Category: Other

    I can see how to select multiple records, e.g. customers or vendors, but then there is no functionality available with that selection e.g.

    • delete the selected records

    • edit the selected records (give them all a location code)

    or have I missed something?!