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    Bank Account Statements

    Suggested by Microsoft – Rejected 0
    Category: Financial Management

    Bank Acc. Statements page appears to have no functionality:

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    Print to Attachment

    Suggested by Kevin FonsUnder Review 0
    Category: Sales

    It would be great if we could print to an "Attachment" for example have an option on the Print Sales COnfirmation where it saves a copy of the printed document as an attachment on the Sales order that will follow the sales flow (to sales invoice, etc.).
    Another use would be to print a quote to an attachment so that when you create a sales order form the quote, the pdf of the quote will be shown in the attachments documents on a sales order.
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    "Data Export" functions in Business Central ITA localization.

    Suggested by Roberto StefanettiRejected 0
    Category: Data Migrations

    "Data Export" functions in Business Central ITA localization.

    Would it be possible to activate the "Data Exports" function in the BC Italian localization ? this feature is already existingin in other locations. It would be useful to be able to export data.

    Thanks for support.
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    Sales prepayment status doesn't change

    Suggested by Katrina SEvidence Gathering 3
    Category: Sales

    When I create a sales order that requires a prepayment, I would post the prepayment invoice and the sales order status changes to "Pending Prepayment". However, the the prepayment invoice is paid, the sales order status is still "Pending Prepayment". It would be great if the status can be changed to "Prepayment received" so a user knows to release the sales order.
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    Allow Outlook Add-in to create new documents from a blank e-mail

    Suggested by Val GameiroCompleted 0
    Category: Other

    We have a client who has two use cases that would greatly benefit from doing this.

    On the purchase side, they don't always have an e-mail from their vendor in their inbox to generate a PO.

    It'd be great to open up a new e-mail, and then be able to select the vendor, and then create and send the PO from there. But, it would also be great to be able to import an existing PO into the e-mail box.

    On the sales side, their quotes take a couple of days, so it doesn't make sense to create them in Outlook. It'd be great to create them in D365 and then allow the Outlook add-on to attach the existing Quote to the e-mail.
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    Please add option for switch-off ‘Create Customer from Customer Name… on Sales Order…’ feature

    Suggested by Alexey FinogenovUnder Review 2
    Category: Sales

    ‘Sales Order’, if customer’s name has changed, and I want to do it on the sales order (adding “Ltd.” or something like this), but now system suggests to create new customer.
    The following message appears:

    This customer is not registered. To continue, choose one of the following options:
    Create a new customer card for Coho Winery XXXX
    Select an existing customer

    This functionality cannot be enabled/disabled by (de-)selecting an option.
    In some cases functionality has been felt unwanted from the customer perspective..
    At this point is more accurate, when we are dealing with “cash customers”. That is, customer’s which pay in cash and are one-time customers. Before this, I could have used “generic” customer and change the customer info on the sales order. Now, it is impossible, and we are in a situation, where we have multiple customers in NAV, which are irrelevant, after the one-time sales.
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    Customer document layout enhancements

    Suggested by Dirk ReepsUnder Review 1
    Category: Sales

    Some ideas regards the ‘Document Layouts’ - function in Dynamics NAV. This function is used to send certain documents to contacts different from the email address on the customer card, but lacks a few functions that would be helpful.
    1) Reminder option not available in document layout
    2) Ability to auto-fill columns based on ‘usage’
    3) Choose contact instead of filling in email address
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    Inactivate customers

    Suggested by Christine TPlanned 1
    Category: Other

    We have thousands of customers that are inactive and would like a way to either not view them, mark them as inactive, or just not sync them over from Dynamics CRM. 

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    Export to Excel with Filters

    Suggested by Daniel BerubePlanned 0
    Category: Other

     The listing pages are great as is the ability to export them to Excel.  However, what would be more helpful is if the the export to Excel considered the filters on the listing page.  For example, I may restrict my list of posted invoices to Jan 1 to Jan 31.  When I export to Excel I get all posted invoices not just what I had filtered the data set down to. 




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    Attribute per Item Unit of Measure

    Suggested by Stephane BeaupreNew 0
    Category: Inventory

    My last post made me realize that the attribute table is great but could be greater if they would be specific to an Item Unit of Measure. For example, Gross Weight, Dimensions... could be pulled from this table and printed on a pick instruction document.