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      Bank statement reconciliation report

      Suggested by Annaick BoudinCompleted 3
      Category: Cash and bank management

      Advanced bank reconciliation has been designed but no bank statement report provides clear information.

      Bank statement report is required base on cutoff date. This report should have option to detail

      * reconciled transactions

      * Un-reconciled transactions

      Customer should be able to have a statement at date of what is in his bank account for Audit, cash management, management decision.

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      Automate Eliminations

      Suggested by Karen DaviesAccepted 1
      Category: Financial Management

      I believe that the Eliminations process should be automated and that you should be able to enter the accounts to be used in the eliminations.
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      Ability to change the calendar start date

      Suggested by Katrina SAccepted 3
      Category: Geographies and Localization

      In Business Central, when you're in any date field, a calendar pops up. By default the calendar starts on a Monday. It would be nice if a user can change the start date to a Sunday.
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      Edit in Excel/Send to Excel

      Suggested by Marie-Soleil Goulet-SawkaAccepted 3

      Being able to filter the data before sending it to Excel and/or being able to manage the Excel add-in in order to use filters so data volume can be limited before it's sent to/retrieved in Excel.

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      Enhance Document and File Attaching Capabilities

      Suggested by Malcolm StewartCompleted 4

      D365FO users need the ability to attach documents and files (pdfs, excel files, whatever) to pages / records (eg vendors, items, sales orders, purchase orders, etc) within the system.

      This forum thread refers .

      To some extent this is just to make good on initial marketing promises made about the system which current functionality does not live up to.  (This resource says in the top paragraph that "you can also attach incoming document files to posted purchase and sales documents and to vendor, customer, and general ledger entries..". )



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      Menu Guide

      Suggested by KENNETH KELLYCompleted 1

      During our implementation of NAV (sorry, Dynamics 365 for Financials) we constantly kept saying, “The search field is great, but isn’t there a master cheat sheet that shows us what things are called so we know what to start typing?”  After searching high and low we discovered there isn’t anything set up currently.  Again, we love the search bar as it keeps the product UI clean and provides all the product’s functionality in one central place.  But if you don’t know what to start typing it renders much of the product’s features useless and setting it up frustrating. 

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      Allow Item Attributes to be extensible for other master records

      Suggested by Ivan DordevicNew 0
      Category: Inventory

      Can you allow for existing objects for Item Attribute 7500 to support different record types and not just items? If the table structure can work on generic Table Id concept it can be enhanced by partners to support other master records through subscribers and new page actions from extension.

      We are currently using Item Attribute objects in our extension to allow adding attributes to other master records like: Fixed Assets, Employee, Customer, Vendor,..

      We enhanced original objects to work with generic Table Id concept and not just Item record (TAB27). We found that many of the original functions in Item Attribute management already support that structure,

      Adding attributes and filtering based on attribute value can work also when attributes are added on pages for Fixed Assets, Customers, Vendors...

      The biggest downside currently for using existing Item Attribute objects is that Caption, labels, Text Constants are hard-coded with words like 'Item' and 'Item Attribute'. This would need to be refactored to use value from record like "Table Caption" so that for attributes assigned to Table Id 5200, Page Caption and all errors would use Employee Attributes,
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      More Profiles/Role Centers

      Suggested by Roberto StefanettiPlanned 4

      In NAV we saw a lot more role centers than in BC (reduces sets by design ?) Will the number of Role Centers be extended in future ?


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      Create Sandbox Enviroment with copy of current production data

      Suggested by Richard SwainstonCompleted 2

      When developing Dynamics 365 Business Central the Sandbox is great for building and testing extensions however we need to be able to test extensions against current data
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      Enhance 'Edit in Excel' option to include Excel Online

      Suggested by Spencer RoachPlanned 0

      The "Edit in Excel" feature is great unless you're using Excel for Mac or Excel is not installed. Therefore, it would be nice to edit using Excel Online.

      When I'm in this situation, my workaround is to save the downloaded XLSX file to OneDrive for Business (or OneDrive, as the case may be). Then I can open the file in Excel Online and use the D365 Add-in as usual.