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    Dynamics 365 financials and operations for business edition data backup

    Suggested by Phil DraperNew 0
    Category: Data Migrations

    When setting up a migrated system there is a requirement to perform on demand backups and sometimes to restore these. This feature appears to be missing in this product

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    Ability to add comments to invoices WITHOUT having a "0" in the line amount

    Suggested by Alex WohlhueterCompleted 0
    Category: Sales

    It makes perfect sense to allow adding comments to an invoice.   However, it makes zero sense to list a "0" in the line amount next to the comment.    You can open an invoice in the demo company Cronus that has comments added as items to see what I am referring to.



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    Create general journal & vendor invoice from Excel add-in

    Suggested by Howard WalkerUnder Review 1
    Category: Financial Management

    Please add the ability to start or create a general journal entry from inside the Excel add-in.  Currently users are required to create a journal batch in 365 so the system will assign a batch number, then you launch Excel.  The batch number is passed in to Excel.  Why can't we skip that step and have Excel generate the batch number?  The same concept applies to vendor invoices and other transactions that can be performed in Excel.  

    My clients are asking for this. 

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    Detailed Tax breakdown in Orders, Invoices, and Quotes based on province

    Suggested by Small KNew 0
    Category: Financial Management

    We would like to be able to see a more detailed breakdown of taxes instead of just the Total Tax amount.


    This is what the Order, Quote, and Invoice Tax section looks like:




    I would like it to look like this to change based on the Province in the Vendor or Customer because some provinces have different tax types here is an example:

    Taxes Based On Province

    No province has all of these tax types but it would be nice to see the values without having to post the invoice and generate a report.

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    Allow more data fields to be entered in RapidStart, or subsequently modified via the "Export to Excel" function

    Suggested by David BoehmPlanned 0
    Category: Data Migrations

    This past weekend, I migrated a company from QuickBooks to Financials.  I ran into all sorts of unnecessary issues that at least doubled the time for doing this.

    As an example, your "RapidStart" doesn't import quantities for inventory items.  O.K., so I figured I would enter inventory items through RapidStart, and then use the "Export to Excel" function from with the "Financials | Item List" to export the items, enter the quantities, an then publish the updates back to Financials.

    Unfortunately, quantities aren't updatable when I try to "publish" the Excel spreadsheet back to Financials.  Consequently, I had to step through the item screen (one item at a time) in order to add the quantities on hand.

    Were your ears ringing?  If not, they should have been...  You allow inventory adjustments from the Item card, why not allow them through "RapidStart", "Export to Excel", or both?

    By not allowing us to do this en masse', you nearly made this task impossible to complete over a weekend.

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    Prevent deletion of Posted Documents using Permissions

    Suggested by Holly PattersonCompleted 3
    Category: Other

    Would like the ability to use Permissions to prevent specific users from deleting Posted Documents.  There is currently no way to be able to do this, users either have full access to a Posted Document or none at all.

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    Global User Personalisation

    Suggested by IAN BOURNEUnder Review 1
    Category: Other

    The default personalisation is currently set to 1033 which is English (US) rather than English (UK) and in particular displays the date in MM/DD/YYY rather than the usual display option for the UK of DD/MM/YYY

    To change the display requires going to:

    Users Personalisation Card | General then click the show more, and in the Locale ID box change 1033 for 2057.

    It would be really useful to have a global set up screen so this can be set as the default (or whatever is required as the default) rather than have to change each user.

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    General Ledger Entries - Dimension Codes

    Suggested by Warren YoungPlanned 0
    Category: Financial Management

    Dimensions are not visible on the General Ledger Entries.  Global 1 and Global 2 should be visible at a minimum.  3-8 would be very beneficial as well.  Dimension Set ID would be a helpful stopgap for filtering purposes.

    This request came up specifically for a client looking at the General Ledger Entries, but the request is relevant to all Ledger Entry pages.

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    D365 Permission Sets Required for Job Functionality

    Suggested by Christian RoachUnder Review 0
    Category: Other

    If we are not able to create/copy new permission sets for use with D365 Financials we will need permission sets allowing for Job functionality restriction.  Currently to allow a user to post Job No. + Task No. via a purchase journal the system is creating planning lines (Tbl 1003).  Only permissions we can assign are FULL ACCESS which are to permissive.

    Dynamics 365 Support Reference: [REG:117060693429838] "Unable to post Purchase Invoice to Job"


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    Remittance Advice email facility

    Suggested by Charlie JonesPlanned 1
    Category: Financial Management

    Hi when printing a remittance advice, the abiltiy to email it directly from financials like other reports, would be excellent