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    Check Overflow

    Suggested by Dan LevyUnder Review 2
    Category: Purchasing

    Currently: if you pay more then (I think 13 Vendor Invoices) it triggers a check overflow which has the effect of "burning the next X checks ( depending on the number of invoices your paying) I.e. it will void 3 checks if you are paying 40 invoices. 

    Suggestion: Create option to print Overflow report after check run



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    b2b customer portal to allow customer view and place orders, pay and engage.

    Suggested by Erez HadadUnder Review 2
    Category: Sales

    make a b2b portal for customers to log in to view orders, pay bills, place orders, request quotes, view quotes and on.

    I think ecommerce and customer portal is a must to have and must be from the same house (microsoft) in order to work perfectly together with the erp, inventory, finance, etc.

    Many cloud erp companies targeting a built in ecommerce. I can list 20 names but it won't be fair to list them here. Microsoft will have to do it now in order to stay ahead and keep his customers ahead of competition! as the future leading us to see more and more end to end solutions.

    most of the connectors, integrations and custom work are just slowing down the success of the customer which slow the success of microsoft and their partners. a growing company will always need more services from MS and its partners. Customer portal / ecommerce will have a positive effect on everybody including the partners that will have more implantation packages for the portal or ecommerce as it's the face of the company. respecting the partners that building connectors and ecommerces. but 500$ per month is not a reasonable price for ecommerce in 2018.
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    Backup and restore

    Suggested by Phil DraperUnder Review 0
    Category: Other

    Users make mistakes in their daily work and it is not unusual for a member of the finance team to upload a lot of wrong data or delete data. Running year end without completing all the data changes is another common mistake. Not being able to perform an on demand backup prior to performing a destructive task is a big miss in this product. Conversely there needs to be a on demand restore function.

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    Allow users to add filter fields on report option

    Suggested by Joerg RauNew 2
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    When running a report, a user can choose a filter for the pre-defined fields or replace an existing filter field with a new one, but a user can't add additional filter fields.
    For example, the Inventory Valuation report offers three field to filter on. Let's say the user makes use of these three fields but requires now a fourth field to filter on. This is currently not possible.
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    Allow to configuration the available Document Types for "New" in the Outlook Add-Ins

    Suggested by Daniel GöhlerNew 1
    Category: Other

    Allow to configuration the available Document Types for New in the Outlook Add-Ins

    Currently the Outlook Add-Ins supports Sales Documents like Sales Quote, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Sales Credit Memo and Reminder also Purchase Documents like Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice and Purchase Credit Memo.

    In the trading business scenario that I know of, Customer request Sales Quote (available) and like to Sales Order (available) and would like return things so Sales Return Orders is missing. Sales Invoice and Sales Credit Memo maybe useful for some companies, but my customers don’t need them. Customer get his Invoices as the result of Posting the Order (or later Combine Shipment) with the configured Document Sending Profile. So, there is no need for creating that in Outlook. (Same for Posting Return Order -> Credit Memo or Combine Return Receipts). Also, all Customers I know create Reminders in Batch (Create Reminders and Suggest Reminder Lines) and send them from there.

    In Purchase I miss New Documents for Purchase Quote to request a quote from a vendor and maybe Purchase Return Order to return something. In think new Purchase Order and Credit Memo are useful here if the vendor sends his invoice and credit memos. Integration with Incoming Document would be nice.

    In totally miss the Service Documents: Service Quote, Service Order and Service Contract.
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    Enable manual installation of .app file in a sandbox environment

    Suggested by Stefano DemilianiPlanned 0
    Category: Other

    Loading an extension with only the .app file (manual deployment) on a sandbox environment is extremely useful for testing purposes or for consultants that want to test an extension to a customer environment before making it into production.
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    Print to Attachment

    Suggested by Kevin FonsUnder Review 0
    Category: Sales

    It would be great if we could print to an "Attachment" for example have an option on the Print Sales COnfirmation where it saves a copy of the printed document as an attachment on the Sales order that will follow the sales flow (to sales invoice, etc.).
    Another use would be to print a quote to an attachment so that when you create a sales order form the quote, the pdf of the quote will be shown in the attachments documents on a sales order.
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    Automate Eliminations

    Suggested by Karen DaviesNew 0
    Category: Financial Management

    I believe that the Eliminations process should be automated and that you should be able to enter the accounts to be used in the eliminations.
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    Predetermined Quote Valid Until Date in a Sales Quote

    Suggested by Katrina SUnder Review 0
    Category: Sales

    In the Sales Quote, it would be nice if the "Quote Valid Until Date" can be auto populated based on a setting either on a customer or on the Sales & Receivables Setting. For example, if I can set the Quote Valid Until Date to always be 30 days from the Document Date that would pretty handy rather than always requiring a user to always populate the field.
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    Add a "Released Order" or "Orders Ready to Pick" View

    Suggested by Joshua BarneckUnder Review 0
    Category: Sales

    Once a sales order has been released, it would be great if warehouse/shipping staff could easily see a screen with a list of orders ready to be picked and shipped. Ideally from that screen they could then easily start warehouse management, picking, or shipping processes for an order(s). This would help with digital transformation and provide an alternative to using paper. It would also provide improved out of the box workflow functionality for Business Central.