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    Including Item description from Item Card to Item ledger entries

    Suggested by AC Petr JUnder Review 0
    Category: Inventory

    Including Item description from Item Card to Item ledger entries

    We have repeated requirements from customers always to include Item Description from Item card into the Item ledger entries. In the NAV/D365BC standard, the Item Description is only included if the description on the document line differs from the description on the card. It would be easier for users for adhoc navigation, tracing, reports, etc.
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    Business Central is full NAV? ApplicationArea (#Advanced) controls are hidden….

    Suggested by Alexey FinogenovNew 1
    Category: Other

    ApplicationArea (#Advanced) this option is OFF even on fresh Business Central trial tenant (no old Cloud version background, old Cloud version (D365 FO BE) had limited functionality). // I’ve created this tenant via public link…
    BUT we still have many controls (columns/fields on pages) that have tag #Advanced.
    As result with Business Central (BC) trial tenant even with User Experience = Premium we do not see controls that marked #Advanced tag only.
    The part of functionality is hidden but common expectation from BC – BC is full NAV. ?!
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    Customer document layout enhancements

    Suggested by Dirk ReepsUnder Review 1
    Category: Sales

    Some ideas regards the ‘Document Layouts’ - function in Dynamics NAV. This function is used to send certain documents to contacts different from the email address on the customer card, but lacks a few functions that would be helpful.
    1) Reminder option not available in document layout
    2) Ability to auto-fill columns based on ‘usage’
    3) Choose contact instead of filling in email address
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    Exclude Credit Notes during the Customer Payment Proposal Process

    Suggested by Marian WriceNew 0
    Category: Financial Management

    Our customer would like to have the ability to exclude the Credit Notes during the cutsomer payment proposal process.

    They are currently using a payment method of Total and the system includes the Credit note in the calculation of the Customer balance.

    If they set the Payment method to Invoice, the system creates one payment per document (invoice and credit notes) and then they can set to delete negative payments.

    This does not work for the customer as this includes the Credit note still and this will include all the transactions

    They would like to have a feature specific to exluding the credit note in the customer payment proposal process

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    Backup and restore

    Suggested by Phil DraperUnder Review 0
    Category: Other

    Users make mistakes in their daily work and it is not unusual for a member of the finance team to upload a lot of wrong data or delete data. Running year end without completing all the data changes is another common mistake. Not being able to perform an on demand backup prior to performing a destructive task is a big miss in this product. Conversely there needs to be a on demand restore function.

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    Inactivate customers

    Suggested by Christine TPlanned 1
    Category: Other

    We have thousands of customers that are inactive and would like a way to either not view them, mark them as inactive, or just not sync them over from Dynamics CRM. 

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    user interface (UI) in multiple languages

    Suggested by Gene ChiNew 1
    Category: Other

    user interface (UI) in multiple languages to match office 365 Languages setting , 


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    Custom attributes for Items - Bulk-import with Excel template OR syncronize through Excel Dynamics Add-in

    Suggested by Michael MakeyevPlanned 0
    Category: Data Migrations

    Please add capability to bulk-import items with custom attributes. Or export items to excel list and add custom attributes to it. Or open the current list of items through Excel Dynamics Add-in and add custom attributes to items.

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    Navigate to linked purchase orders from sales orders

    Suggested by David BoehmCompleted 0
    Category: Sales

    There seems to be no way to determine whether a purchase document (i.e. a P.O or a Purchase Invoice) has been generated from a sales order.  If one has been generated, there seems to be no way to determine which one it happens to be.  In experimenting with this functionality, I can also create any number of duplicate P.O.'s or Purchase Invoices from the same sales order.

    After I've created a P.O. (and especially a Purchase Invoice) directly from within the Sales Order screen, I should at least get a warning if I try to create a duplicate.  I should be able to navigate from the sales order to the applicable purchase document.  I should also be able to navigate from the purchase document to the related sales order, as well.

    This kind of functionality is essential for managing purchases when these are directly related to sales.  This sort of functionality is basically available for drop shipments, and should be available for normal shipments as well.

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    Detailed Tax breakdown in Orders, Invoices, and Quotes based on province

    Suggested by Small KNew 0
    Category: Financial Management

    We would like to be able to see a more detailed breakdown of taxes instead of just the Total Tax amount.


    This is what the Order, Quote, and Invoice Tax section looks like:




    I would like it to look like this to change based on the Province in the Vendor or Customer because some provinces have different tax types here is an example:

    Taxes Based On Province

    No province has all of these tax types but it would be nice to see the values without having to post the invoice and generate a report.