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    Drag and Drop Attachments

    Suggested by Drew KipferUnder Review 2
    Category: Other

    Allow attachments to be uploaded by dragging and dropping onto the screen rather than via file explorer.
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    Post to G/L in detail

    Suggested by Naser ARejected 0
    Category: Financial Management

    Currently when you post a transaction from a sub-ledger (e.g. Sales Invoice or Purchase Invoice), this system summarizes all the line items that hit the same G/L account and post to the G/L as a single line per account. This makes it very difficult to reconcile as the amounts you see in the G/L would not match any individual line from the original transaction. Further, if you select the G/L entry and navigate to the posted transaction, it shows you all line items for that transaction rather than just the line items that make up the specific G/L entry that you're looking at.

    We would suggest that all line items get post to the G/L in detail to make it easy to reconcile between the G/L entry and sub-ledger transaction.
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    Edit in Excel/Send to Excel

    Suggested by Marie-Soleil Goulet-SawkaPlanned 3
    Category: Other

    Being able to filter the data before sending it to Excel and/or being able to manage the Excel add-in in order to use filters so data volume can be limited before it's sent to/retrieved in Excel.

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    Need to be able to reprint vendor Remittances to resend to Vendor after the fact

    Suggested by Jennifer ReinhardtUnder Review 5
    Category: Purchasing

    user is requesting to be able to reprint a remittance to send to a vendor after checks and remittances have been printed...this is for both Checks and EFT payment type of transactions.

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    Workflows need to be able to prevent user action

    Suggested by Malcolm StewartUnder Review 0
    Category: Other

    Where a document or action meets criteria to initiate a workflow request for approval for that document (eg a purchase order) or action, by a higher authority, then it should not be possible for the user to take any further process steps until that approval has been granted.  For example, it should not be possible for a user to print off (and potentially send to a supplier) a purchase order where the purchase order is still awaiting approval.

    This thread gives detail .

    I've recorded this idea in category 'other' as it probably relates workflows in areas other than just purchasing (for example sales quotes with a value over £5,000 might need approval by the sales manager).

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    'Limit Totals To' filters - Chart of Accounts

    Suggested by Ben DebeerCompleted 1
    Category: Financial Management

    Would be great to have the ability (as in standard NAV) to set 'Date Filters' on the Chart Of Accounts using something like the 'Limit Totals To' functionality.



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    Refresh Button

    Suggested by IAN BOURNEPlanned 1
    Category: Other

    There are times when you want to see if there have been additions made by other team members, e.g. a new authorisation request come in in the Request to Approve view.  To get an update you have to close the view and reopen it.

    A 'refresh' button would be very useful in this case.

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    Delete Delegated admin for Financials

    Suggested by Adnan Al-YassinPlanned 1
    Category: Other


    I think I have submitted this idea before but it looks like is disappeared from the site. The oldest idea here I can see is 2 months ago while mine was few months (may be 6 or more months). Anyway I am resubmitting it here:

    We are a Microsoft partner. We do have customers with Dynamics 365 for Financials among other licenses.

    We do have delegated access (Unlicensed) to our customer's tenants.

    When accessing Dynamics 365 online (CRM for example) our names as delegated admins are not stuck in the system and end users do not even see it unless they enable auditing.

    With Dynamics 365 for Financials we see that our names as unlicensed delegated admins are stuck there among licensed user.

    It would be nice if there is away to delete those users and even hide them as the purpose of the delegated admins is to help customer to troubleshoot or understand the problem.

    Keeping those delegated admins in the list cause some confusion to the customer.

    I hope it is clear.

    Thank you.

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    Business Outlook Interface with Sandbox environment

    Suggested by New 0
    Category: Other

    I've been working on a demo in the Sandbox environment. Contact Insight is added to the Outlook home ribbon when you run ‘Set up your Business Inbox in Outlook’ from BC / Assisted Setup. Once you run this, you are sent an email which then adds it to the ribbon.

    There is no way to have the Contact Insight functionality in Outlook to interface with the Sandbox environment thus limiting the ability to demo in the Sandbox.

    Also, I have not been able to configure the Contact Insight to link with a specific company if the database has multiple companies.

    It would be nice to be able to demo in the sandbox.
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    Updated search behavior, propose Dropdown when multi record match?

    Suggested by Frédéric VercaemstNew 1
    Category: Other

    Suppose you have 2 customers that are named 'Van Terp A' and 'Van Terp B'. When users enter the value 'Van Terp' in a 'Customer No.' / 'Customer Name' field (e.g. on the sales order / sales invoice), the customer dropdown list is shown after 1-2 secondS, so (s)he aware of multiple results and can select the correct one. All Ok, as long as the user is patient to wait for the dropdown to appear ...

    Since it concerns a Power user (coming from NAV Classic) that is actually used to input complete documents in seconds, (s)he doesn't wait 1+ seconds for the dropdown to occur and presses ENTER / TAB to continue to the next field. This results in BC always taking the first valid value instead. They need to have patience for the dropdown list to load first, then select the correct customer and enter / TAB. This takes approx. 1 - 2 secs to load, which is too long for these users.

    Can this be enhanced so the dropdown is at least shown in case multiple records apply / results are returned by the search query?

    We used to create our own Search function all over our addon to provide this behavior, but it would be far more better if MS / BC could provide better native support.