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      Update Log and Notifications

      Suggested by Kevin FonsUnder Review 4

      It would be very beneficial to have a notification when BC is updated with a link to a web page detailing the update. Hot fixes are being pushed in without any notification and if they fix or break things knowledge of a change would be a great help in troubleshooting issues.

      PS I've tried to submit this at least once a week for the past 3 weeks and it seems to submit but then is nowhere to be found.
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      Be able to copy/export Account Schedules

      Suggested by Chris ScottCompleted 9
      Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

      We often run the same financial report in slightly different versions, such as an detailed income statement and a summary income statement.  It would save a lot of time if we could simply copy an Account Schedule and edit it, rather than building an account schedule from scratch. 

      In a multi-company scenario, it would also help to be able to export account schedules from one company and import them into another company.

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      Barcode Scanner Control for Phones and Tablets

      Suggested by Patrik MüllerNew 5

      It would be great to have a native control in BC (e.g. a special field type for Tablet-Client and Phone-Client) for scanning barcodes by using the camera of the device.

      The picture of the barcode should be interpreted within BC and the barcode value should be inserted into the field from where the process has been started.

      Additionally, it should be possible to start the barcode scanning process with AL-code. In this case, the barcode value should be passed over as a return value and we would be able to split the string into several elements (e.g. GS1 DataMatrix with multiple Information in one barcode).

      Finally there should be a possibility to give feedback to the user (sound or light) , whether the barcode could be interpreted correctly or not.
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      'Edit' or 'Card' shortcut on fields with tablerelation to ease navigation to entity CARD

      Suggested by Frédéric VercaemstUnder Review 1

      When setting a TableRelation on a field, the field is shown on pages with the LookUp and Advanced Lookup options. (or 'Select from List' in the WebClient / BC) This allows the user to easily select a new record / value from the dropdown list or from the LookupPage. This is ideal for entry of new documents. However, once a document has been created and a value has been assigned to a field, it often occurs that an end user wants to get more information about that value, by opening the CARD page. Currently, the user needs to perform minimum 2 clicks. Either use Lookup > Advanced (to show the list) > Edit (to open the card). Either using the Advanced Lookup (to show the list) > Edit (to open the card). Our request is to provide a direct 'Edit' (or 'Card') option on fields with a tablerelation (with shortcut), so when a field has the focus, we can immediately open the card of the field involved.

      There are alternatives by providing a custom assist edit, custom 'Show xxx' action (e.g. 'Customer' action on Sales Invoice), provide a factbox with limited information, ... but having an overall 'Edit' option on the fields having a tablerelation would ease the navigation of the end user.
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      Extension for Data Migration (Import from NAV)

      Suggested by Roberto StefanettiPlanned 0
      Category: Data Migrations

      Excluding a theoretical future Backup \ Restore from NAV on BC, in addition to manual management with Rapidstart (export\import packages) it might be useful to have a dedicated tool (created as an extension to activate OnDemand if necessary) for direct data import in BC from NAV.

      The extension could be based on Rapidstart or other solutions, consuming NAV Web Services, Query on Powershell etc.

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      Intrastat for Belgium - Changes valid from January 2019

      Suggested by sabine torfsAccepted 3
      Category: Geographies and Localization

      (id alert 40932/40939)

      intrastat-form must be changed by 02/2019.

      documentation can be found here:

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      Schedule reports - Send by email and multiple users

      Suggested by Marie-Soleil Goulet-SawkaUnder Review 2
      Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

      Ability to schedule a report to :

      - Send it by email

      - Send it to single, multiple or all users



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      Filtering - option fields choosing more than one option

      Suggested by Ryan CairnsNew 3

      When filering on an option field you can only select one value. For example on the Customer Blocked field you cannot filter on both Ship and All.

      In the old Windows client you could tick multiple options (like in Excel).
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      Updated search behavior, propose Dropdown when multi record match?

      Suggested by Frédéric VercaemstNew 1

      Suppose you have 2 customers that are named 'Van Terp A' and 'Van Terp B'. When users enter the value 'Van Terp' in a 'Customer No.' / 'Customer Name' field (e.g. on the sales order / sales invoice), the customer dropdown list is shown after 1-2 secondS, so (s)he aware of multiple results and can select the correct one. All Ok, as long as the user is patient to wait for the dropdown to appear ...

      Since it concerns a Power user (coming from NAV Classic) that is actually used to input complete documents in seconds, (s)he doesn't wait 1+ seconds for the dropdown to occur and presses ENTER / TAB to continue to the next field. This results in BC always taking the first valid value instead. They need to have patience for the dropdown list to load first, then select the correct customer and enter / TAB. This takes approx. 1 - 2 secs to load, which is too long for these users.

      Can this be enhanced so the dropdown is at least shown in case multiple records apply / results are returned by the search query?

      We used to create our own Search function all over our addon to provide this behavior, but it would be far more better if MS / BC could provide better native support.
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      Easily apply / type new filters on report request page

      Suggested by Frédéric VercaemstNew 0

      One cool thing about the upcoming PAGE filtering feature is that we will be able again to 'type' (search) a field name we would like to filter on, instead of selecting by mouse.

      Can we imagine similar behavior for the REPORT request page filtering as well? Being able to just type to search for any field name, and type to apply a filter value (the same way we were used to in the Classic Client), will speed up the process (instead having to scroll and using the mouse).

      PS: I'm currently also struggling with finding out how to add a filter on an extra field as an end user, not part of the request page ...