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    Bank statement reconciliation report

    Suggested by Annaick BoudinCompleted 3
    Category: Cash and bank management

    Advanced bank reconciliation has been designed but no bank statement report provides clear information.

    Bank statement report is required base on cutoff date. This report should have option to detail

    * reconciled transactions

    * Un-reconciled transactions

    Customer should be able to have a statement at date of what is in his bank account for Audit, cash management, management decision.

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    Ability to change the calendar start date

    Suggested by Katrina SUnder Review 3
    Category: Geographies and Localization

    In Business Central, when you're in any date field, a calendar pops up. By default the calendar starts on a Monday. It would be nice if a user can change the start date to a Sunday.
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    Enhance Document and File Attaching Capabilities

    Suggested by Malcolm StewartCompleted 4
    Category: Other

    D365FO users need the ability to attach documents and files (pdfs, excel files, whatever) to pages / records (eg vendors, items, sales orders, purchase orders, etc) within the system.

    This forum thread refers .

    To some extent this is just to make good on initial marketing promises made about the system which current functionality does not live up to.  (This resource says in the top paragraph that "you can also attach incoming document files to posted purchase and sales documents and to vendor, customer, and general ledger entries..". )



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    Print Reports for all Dimensions not just 1 and 2

    Suggested by Jennifer ReinhardtUnder Review 2
    Category: Financial Management

    There have been numerous requests to be able to print reports based on more than just Dimensions 1 and 2, please consider adding additional Dimensions to the printing of reports

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    Menu Guide

    Suggested by KENNETH KELLYCompleted 1
    Category: Other

    During our implementation of NAV (sorry, Dynamics 365 for Financials) we constantly kept saying, “The search field is great, but isn’t there a master cheat sheet that shows us what things are called so we know what to start typing?”  After searching high and low we discovered there isn’t anything set up currently.  Again, we love the search bar as it keeps the product UI clean and provides all the product’s functionality in one central place.  But if you don’t know what to start typing it renders much of the product’s features useless and setting it up frustrating. 

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    Create Sandbox Enviroment with copy of current production data

    Suggested by Richard SwainstonCompleted 2
    Category: Other

    When developing Dynamics 365 Business Central the Sandbox is great for building and testing extensions however we need to be able to test extensions against current data
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    Ability to undo or voide a Bank Reconciliation

    Suggested by Jennifer ReinhardtUnder Review 1
    Category: Financial Management

    If someone uses the auto match and doesn't catch an incorrectly matched transaction and posts the Bank Reconciliation there is no way to undo this. There needs to be a way to void or undo a Bank Reconciliation in a Saas environment.

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    Provide NAV style access to Permission Sets and User Groups in D365F

    Suggested by Malcolm StewartCompleted 2
    Category: Other

    D365 for Financials administrators need to be able to fine tune user access, more precisely than is currently possible with existing D365 Permission Sets.  (Normally this is to reduce access for some users.)

    The need for this enhancement is demonstrated here , here and here

    Please could we have the ability to copy existing D365 Permission Sets, modify the copies (change RIMDEX settings for the contained permissions) and apply those copies to users, directly or through user groups.


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    Filtering On Reports Not Working

    Suggested by Bert DTNew 0
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    You are unable to print multiple records for 1 report for different customers.

    Go to the Sales Orders.
    Find orders that have the same value in a/multiple field(s) from different customers and Filter on it/them.
    “Salesperson Code” = ‘KS’ and “Document Date” = '01/05/18..'

    Now we want to print the order confirmation for these orders.

    Observe the reports
    Only the first selected order is printed.

    It seems like the report doesn't take the filters on the requestpage in account.
    However it does, but before that all the orders are already filtered on the selected record to apply the custom report layouts for that customer.

    Make it possible to print multiple reports from different customers.

    (perhaps an extra loop around the customer report layout functionality to apply for multiple different customers?)

    MS Call 118101819242689
    Discovered on NAV2018CU8-BE = 11.0.23572.0
    But also fails on BC BE Dynamics NAV 13.0 (25789)
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    Company Name at Top of Screen

    Suggested by Justin DouglasRejected 0
    Category: Other

    If you work with multiple companies at one time it should be possible at a glance to know what company you are working in.

    My suggestion is to put the company name at the top:

    Dynamics 365 - Business Central - Company Name