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    Shortcut keys

    Suggested by Planned 0
    Category: Other

    Hi ,

    I no longer can use the shortcut keys that I am used to in Dynamics NAV.
    Please reactivate the keys!
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    Business Central to be certified for AntiFraud VAT French Law

    Suggested by Cmobile CmobileUnder Review 0
    Category: Financial Management

    A new law has been initiated in France to control VAT payments Fraud. A certificate of compliance is required by many businesses in FRance since 2018. Some competitors provide a certificate

    More info can be found here (in French)
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    US Payroll support

    Suggested by Bryan SchmidtRejected 0
    Category: Financial Management

    Have multiple clients that need basic US Payroll functionality requirements. They have payroll in their current older solutions. Without an integrated Payroll module, these customers likely will select another software solution. This is a requirement for most US organizations. This is a high priority to win multiple opportunities.
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    Post cost directly to a job using General Journal & Payment Journal

    Suggested by Albert ChenRejected 0
    Category: Financial Management

    When creating a General Journal or Payment Journal, there should be columns available to allow filling in Job No. Job Task No. and a field displaying the job task description. This way increases efficiency, so that we don't have to post another Job G/L journal just to make sure that G/L entry hits the job ledger.
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    Document line description & Find function behavior

    Suggested by Rejected 0
    Category: Sales

    Unexpected behavior of the Find function on Sales/Purchase document line.
    Follow the repro steps to understand the issue:
    1.Take a NAV2017 CZ database with the last CU implemented
    2. Create a new Sales Invoice
    HEADER: Customer No. = 10000
    3 Create a new document line
    a) Type = G/L Account
    b) No. = insert account with number 602120
    c) Change the Description in the row to "Reklama". Confirm

    - Because there is an account named "Reklama" in the list of G/L Accounts,
    the system automatically changes (without warning) the account number in the document line (inserts the searched account).

    - If the account number is already entered in the line, then no longer looking for another account when changing the description.
    Or use a warning, similar as in the case when line type is = Item:
    "We found an item with the description "XXX" (No. 70100).
    Did you mean to change the current item to 70100?"
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    Use period definition for Requisition worksheet

    Suggested by Jan Jaap SmitNew 0
    Category: Purchasing


    I would like to suggest to make a Period field available to replace the 'Start- and End date" fields in the Requisition worksheets (as well as in the Planning Worksheet). Now the Planner user must each day when running MRP fill in new dates even when he always wants to plan for 3 months horizon.... If you need a startdate it would be better to set a 'number of days from today' field as optional if one would not like Today as a startdate.
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    Add Groups Feature for Sales Transactions

    Suggested by Drew KipferRejected 0
    Category: Other

    Quickbooks Enterprise has a nice feature called Groups that allows individual items to be nested under a single line item on sales transactions. It is separate from Assembly items, which you must build before you are able to invoice. More on the differences, functionality, and use cases are included in this article.

    We do a lot of project work, and this feature has given us lots of flexibility over what assemblies provide. It would be great to see a similar feature in Business Central.

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    Dynamic Journal Personalization

    Suggested by Kieran SweeneyNew 0
    Category: Financial Management

    Just looking at the GL Journal, allowing different selections and arrangements of fields would streamline each batch template.

    Users who select a batch template with a number series and balancing account specified don't necessarily need to see those fields in data entry. A stock GL Journal Entry likely won't need VAT/Posting Group information if the user just wants to issue a debit and credit for a document.

    I noticed that changing the layout within one batch affected the layouts in other batches, when BC would benefit from separating layouts for each batch.
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    Standard Code Modification should exists

    Suggested by Dynamics DynamicsRejected 0
    Category: Geographies and Localization

    Lots of customization required to change the base code , Presently it is missing in D365BC version
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    Cash Receipt Listing on Customer Card - Customer Payments history

    Suggested by Chad SAccepted 0
    Category: Financial Management

    Is there a way to customer cash receipt history on the Customer Card. Often we want to see when the last time a customer has made a payment on their account (cash receipt journal) and there doesn't seem to be an quick easy way to do it.

    Add it as a Tile in the Customer Card on the right would be a perfect idea.