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    Do not allow the system to Mark as Reconciled the Bank Reconciliation when there is no matched transactions.

    Suggested by Marian WriceNew 0
    Category: Financial Management

    In Dynamics 365 for Financials and Operations, when users go Cash and bank management | Bank statement reconciliation| Bank reconciliation.


     1. Click New.


     2. In the Bank account field, enter or select a value.


     3. In the Cut-off date field, enter a date.


     4. Click Worksheet.


     5. Make sure that there is no matched amount.


     6. Click Mark as reconciled.


     When this is done the reconciliation proceeds even though there is no matched transactions.

    The system should not allow this process as there are not transactions being reconciled.

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    Belgium VAT numbers

    Suggested by IAN BOURNECompleted 1
    Category: Purchasing

    I am trying to create an order from a vendor to enable payment.

    I have brought in the invoice using the OCR mail service, all looking good.

    I am trying now to create a PO but an error comes up saying the VAT number is not valid.  The formats allowed are GBXXXXXXXXX, etc.  The Belgium VAT numbers seem to have one too many numbers.

    Or am I missing something?!

    Without being able to add the VAT number the vendor cannot be validated for payment.

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    Lines Select Option from Chart of Accounts - Account Schedule Edit View

    Suggested by Natalie LemkeNew 0
    Category: Financial Management

    Need the ability to select multiple lines from the Account Schedule List in Edit View and Delete -- this is needed when creating the Account Schedule to be able to remove un-needed accounts in a set.  

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    Time entries need to have date specific metadata

    Suggested by Ilya LehrmanPlanned 1
    Category: Financial Management

    This is related to my previous suggestion of capturing NOTES with time entries. These metadata need to be captured on a per day basis, as I may be performing the same task day after day, but have different updates for the reviewing manager / project manager. On Monday my notes may be about installation; on Tuesday - about issues with installation, on Wednesday - about resolution of issues, etc.

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    Time entries need to display job path / information

    Suggested by Ilya LehrmanUnder Review 0
    Category: Other

    When I enter time in a timesheet, all that's displayed is a line item from the selected Job. If I have multiple jobs with similar planning lines ("Professional Services", for example), I end up having an unintelligible timesheet which displays identical entries, or I have to manually edit every planning line when I add it to the timesheet (that's not good). It would be great if on mouse-over the entire planning line path was shown, or perhaps if it was displayed directly on the timesheet, perhaps in smaller font alongside with the planning line title. 

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    Landed cost Worksheet

    Suggested by Jacques BolducNew 0
    Category: Financial Management

    Landed cost Worksheet so that instead of calculating else where + add sum in Nav. (Custom, shipping, insurance, etc)

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    Container Management

    Suggested by Jacques BolducUnder Review 1
    Category: Purchasing

    Container management including:
    - Add PO lines to container
    - Set traffic steps + lead time
    - Date update of po lines vs receipt date
    - Receive container instead of po lines

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    Cost Adjusted check box on item card

    Suggested by Marc HaimePlanned 0
    Category: Inventory

    Can we look to get the field added to the Item card that would show whether the cost is adjusted or not.


    This is a boolean field in on-premise NAV

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    Automatic Cost Adjustment

    Suggested by Marc HaimeNew 1
    Category: Inventory

    It would be useful for this to be displayed on the Item list to show where the cost is adjusted for an item or not.


    If not possible to have this set to be automated then it would help to give an indication of whether the Adjust Cost report has been run.

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    Customer / Contact integration for B2C business

    Suggested by Andrew GingerichRejected 1
    Category: Other

    The integration between Dynamics 365 for Financials and Dynamics 365 for Sale only deals with B2B businesses where the customer is a company. Often the target market for Financials will be a B2C business selling to individual customers. I have heard this is on the roadmap. I think it is an oversight considering the target market for Business edition.