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    Add extra attachement to email from BC

    Suggested by Robert CottonUnder Review 2
    Category: Sales

    Hi, it would be great to by able to add a extra file to emails sent from BC. I need to add a pdf file with the sales invoice or quote but it is not possible. This is very important for some customers.
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    SMTP Configuration

    Suggested by Kristen HosmanUnder Review 3
    Category: Other

    Allow more than just one email to be setup. Would like to be able to sent customer invoices from AP email and vendor PO's from Purchasing email.

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    Larger Item Description Field

    Suggested by Brian DokterPlanned 12
    Category: Inventory

    I have a client who would sign up today for D365 Financials if the Item Description field was larger.  right now it appears to be limited to 50 characters.  He need it to be at least 1000 characters.


    I am aware of the extended text availabliity, but these also are limited to 50 characters and to enter the description they need 50 characters at a time is a poor work around.


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    Be able to copy/export Account Schedules

    Suggested by Chris ScottCompleted 9
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    We often run the same financial report in slightly different versions, such as an detailed income statement and a summary income statement.  It would save a lot of time if we could simply copy an Account Schedule and edit it, rather than building an account schedule from scratch. 

    In a multi-company scenario, it would also help to be able to export account schedules from one company and import them into another company.

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    All table fields available on Pages to add via personalization

    Suggested by Kevin FonsUnder Review 6
    Category: Other

    Customers and partners have been asking for all table fields to be available on all pages to add without customization vie personalize (or in on premise Show Columns) for at last 15 years now,

    Can you please make all related table fields available to users to be added via personalize vs having to create an extension to add existing stock fields to pages. This way customers can add fields they need without having to pay a partner to write and add an extension to add fields to pages.
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    Comments Editor

    Suggested by Greg AlfordNew 2
    Category: Other

    We make exensive use of comments in Customers, Vendors, Items, Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Lines, Sales Orders, Sales Order Lines, Bill of Ladings, etc. , etc.

    We really need a comments editor that formats comments. These comments print on documents and are just plain ugly and unprofessional looking. A comments editor should include spell checking, bullets, word wrap, etc. Nothing as sophisticated as Word, but a step above notepad.
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    Update Log and Notifications

    Suggested by Kevin FonsUnder Review 4
    Category: Other

    It would be very beneficial to have a notification when BC is updated with a link to a web page detailing the update. Hot fixes are being pushed in without any notification and if they fix or break things knowledge of a change would be a great help in troubleshooting issues.

    PS I've tried to submit this at least once a week for the past 3 weeks and it seems to submit but then is nowhere to be found.
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    Setup number of copies to print more flexible ( document sending profile)

    Suggested by Andreas GüntherUnder Review 0
    Category: Sales

    Assuming you want to send out printed hardcopies for an invoice and you setup the number of copies to 5 in the Customer. If you print, you get 5 copies. If you now also want for informational purposes email the invoice as well - you will get a PDF with 5 copies. Which makes no sense for PDF.
    If it would be possible to either setup a alternative number of copies or even set a checkmark in the document sending profile to ignore the number of copies for PDF documents, that would save manual work.

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    Merge customers and vendors

    Suggested by Katrina SUnder Review 1
    Category: Sales

    Sometimes customers and vendors are created in error and are a duplicate of another record. It would be nice if there is a merge function in Business Central to get rid of the duplicate. In GP, there is a utility that allows a user to merge records and it will also merge all the posted transactions - if Business Central can have something similar, it would be extremely helpful.
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    Intrastat for Belgium - Changes valid from January 2019

    Suggested by sabine torfsPlanned 2
    Category: Geographies and Localization

    (id alert 40932/40939)

    intrastat-form must be changed by 02/2019.

    documentation can be found here: