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      All table fields available on Pages to add via personalization

      Suggested by Kevin FonsUnder Review 8

      Customers and partners have been asking for all table fields to be available on all pages to add without customization vie personalize (or in on premise Show Columns) for at last 15 years now,

      Can you please make all related table fields available to users to be added via personalize vs having to create an extension to add existing stock fields to pages. This way customers can add fields they need without having to pay a partner to write and add an extension to add fields to pages.
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      SMTP Configuration

      Suggested by Kristen HosmanUnder Review 4

      Allow more than just one email to be setup. Would like to be able to sent customer invoices from AP email and vendor PO's from Purchasing email.

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      Add extra attachement to email from BC

      Suggested by Robert CottonUnder Review 3
      Category: Sales

      Hi, it would be great to by able to add a extra file to emails sent from BC. I need to add a pdf file with the sales invoice or quote but it is not possible. This is very important for some customers.
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      Larger Item Description Field

      Suggested by Brian DokterAccepted 15
      Category: Inventory

      I have a client who would sign up today for D365 Financials if the Item Description field was larger.  right now it appears to be limited to 50 characters.  He need it to be at least 1000 characters.


      I am aware of the extended text availabliity, but these also are limited to 50 characters and to enter the description they need 50 characters at a time is a poor work around.


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      Enable manual installation of .app file in a sandbox environment

      Suggested by Stefano DemilianiPlanned 2

      Loading an extension with only the .app file (manual deployment) on a sandbox environment is extremely useful for testing purposes or for consultants that want to test an extension to a customer environment before making it into production.
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      Backup and restore

      Suggested by Phil DraperUnder Review 2

      Users make mistakes in their daily work and it is not unusual for a member of the finance team to upload a lot of wrong data or delete data. Running year end without completing all the data changes is another common mistake. Not being able to perform an on demand backup prior to performing a destructive task is a big miss in this product. Conversely there needs to be a on demand restore function.

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      Have a way to import Item images

      Suggested by Jennifer ReinhardtAccepted 1
      Category: Inventory

      Currently we can't import in images with items in Dynamics 365 for Financials so the process currently is to open every item and then the image can be imported.  The following suggestion was made on Forums:
      If we can have a folder in OneDrive specifically for images, so we can put images with the Item Number as the file name and then it can match it up if it finds inventory with the same name, if no inventory with matching name it would take the images and move it to a rejected images folder, of even generate a log of the matched and rejected.

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      Automatic unpublish and publish from VSCode

      Suggested by Erik ErnstUnder Review 1

      Working with extensions which have dependency on other extensions is currently not very easy. For example if we have a "main app" and a "test app", then in order to republish our main app, then we first have to unpublish the test app.

      Not only is there no way to do this from VSCode (except than writing a Powershell script and run it), but really slows down the test - development cycle when doing test driven development.

      My hope is that that the AL extension would be able to handle this automatically. With the option that it also re-publishes any unpublished extensions, so that it would be possible to quickly rerun the test that failed before.
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      Merge customers and vendors

      Suggested by Katrina SPlanned 1
      Category: Sales

      Sometimes customers and vendors are created in error and are a duplicate of another record. It would be nice if there is a merge function in Business Central to get rid of the duplicate. In GP, there is a utility that allows a user to merge records and it will also merge all the posted transactions - if Business Central can have something similar, it would be extremely helpful.
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      Publish more data for PowerBi, specifically for Dimensions report

      Suggested by Ben BolteEvidence Gathering 1
      Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

      We would like to be able to do reporting in PowerBi on Dimensions.  Currently, the dimension set ID field from table 20 is not published on page 20 that we can publish to PowerBi.   

      This would make reporting much easier with Excel and PowerBi.