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    Delete Delegated admin for Financials

    Suggested by Adnan Al-YassinPlanned 1
    Category: Other


    I think I have submitted this idea before but it looks like is disappeared from the site. The oldest idea here I can see is 2 months ago while mine was few months (may be 6 or more months). Anyway I am resubmitting it here:

    We are a Microsoft partner. We do have customers with Dynamics 365 for Financials among other licenses.

    We do have delegated access (Unlicensed) to our customer's tenants.

    When accessing Dynamics 365 online (CRM for example) our names as delegated admins are not stuck in the system and end users do not even see it unless they enable auditing.

    With Dynamics 365 for Financials we see that our names as unlicensed delegated admins are stuck there among licensed user.

    It would be nice if there is away to delete those users and even hide them as the purpose of the delegated admins is to help customer to troubleshoot or understand the problem.

    Keeping those delegated admins in the list cause some confusion to the customer.

    I hope it is clear.

    Thank you.

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    Provide NAV style access to Permission Sets and User Groups in D365F

    Suggested by Malcolm StewartPlanned 2
    Category: Other

    D365 for Financials administrators need to be able to fine tune user access, more precisely than is currently possible with existing D365 Permission Sets.  (Normally this is to reduce access for some users.)

    The need for this enhancement is demonstrated here , here and here

    Please could we have the ability to copy existing D365 Permission Sets, modify the copies (change RIMDEX settings for the contained permissions) and apply those copies to users, directly or through user groups.


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    Menu Guide

    Suggested by KENNETH KELLYPlanned 1
    Category: Other

    During our implementation of NAV (sorry, Dynamics 365 for Financials) we constantly kept saying, “The search field is great, but isn’t there a master cheat sheet that shows us what things are called so we know what to start typing?”  After searching high and low we discovered there isn’t anything set up currently.  Again, we love the search bar as it keeps the product UI clean and provides all the product’s functionality in one central place.  But if you don’t know what to start typing it renders much of the product’s features useless and setting it up frustrating. 

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    Enhance Document and File Attaching Capabilities

    Suggested by Malcolm StewartPlanned 4
    Category: Other

    D365FO users need the ability to attach documents and files (pdfs, excel files, whatever) to pages / records (eg vendors, items, sales orders, purchase orders, etc) within the system.

    This forum thread refers .

    To some extent this is just to make good on initial marketing promises made about the system which current functionality does not live up to.  (This resource says in the top paragraph that "you can also attach incoming document files to posted purchase and sales documents and to vendor, customer, and general ledger entries..". )



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    Workflows need to be able to prevent user action

    Suggested by Malcolm StewartPlanned 0
    Category: Other

    Where a document or action meets criteria to initiate a workflow request for approval for that document (eg a purchase order) or action, by a higher authority, then it should not be possible for the user to take any further process steps until that approval has been granted.  For example, it should not be possible for a user to print off (and potentially send to a supplier) a purchase order where the purchase order is still awaiting approval.

    This thread gives detail .

    I've recorded this idea in category 'other' as it probably relates workflows in areas other than just purchasing (for example sales quotes with a value over £5,000 might need approval by the sales manager).

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    Refresh Button

    Suggested by IAN BOURNEPlanned 1
    Category: Other

    There are times when you want to see if there have been additions made by other team members, e.g. a new authorisation request come in in the Request to Approve view.  To get an update you have to close the view and reopen it.

    A 'refresh' button would be very useful in this case.

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    Create Sandbox Enviroment with copy of current production data

    Suggested by Richard SwainstonNew 0
    Category: Other

    When developing Dynamics 365 Business Central the Sandbox is great for building and testing extensions however we need to be able to test extensions against current data
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    Prevent deletion of Posted Documents using Permissions

    Suggested by Holly PattersonCompleted 3
    Category: Other

    Would like the ability to use Permissions to prevent specific users from deleting Posted Documents.  There is currently no way to be able to do this, users either have full access to a Posted Document or none at all.

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    Global User Personalisation

    Suggested by IAN BOURNEUnder Review 1
    Category: Other

    The default personalisation is currently set to 1033 which is English (US) rather than English (UK) and in particular displays the date in MM/DD/YYY rather than the usual display option for the UK of DD/MM/YYY

    To change the display requires going to:

    Users Personalisation Card | General then click the show more, and in the Locale ID box change 1033 for 2057.

    It would be really useful to have a global set up screen so this can be set as the default (or whatever is required as the default) rather than have to change each user.

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    D365 Permission Sets Required for Job Functionality

    Suggested by Christian RoachUnder Review 0
    Category: Other

    If we are not able to create/copy new permission sets for use with D365 Financials we will need permission sets allowing for Job functionality restriction.  Currently to allow a user to post Job No. + Task No. via a purchase journal the system is creating planning lines (Tbl 1003).  Only permissions we can assign are FULL ACCESS which are to permissive.

    Dynamics 365 Support Reference: [REG:117060693429838] "Unable to post Purchase Invoice to Job"