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    Allow the ability to edit configuration packages

    Suggested by Dan LevyCompleted 1
    Category: Data Migrations

    in particular to add Dimensions ( in addition to 1 and 2 ) to General Journal Imports.

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    Need ability to Import Dimension Values

    Suggested by Jennifer ReinhardtCompleted 7
    Category: Data Migrations

    There currently is not a way to import in Dimension Values. In the Dimensions window you can set up your Dimensions, and you then click Dimension Values to enter all possible values for the Dimensions and users would like the ability to import these Dimension Values somehow.  In the Dimension Values window the Edit in Excel does now allow one to add values, there is also not an option for Dimension Values in the D365 Configuration Package, this is where I would expect it to be available to import, but nothing is available here.  Please add this functionality.

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    Configuration Packages

    Suggested by Albert SubiranaCompleted 1
    Category: Data Migrations

    Expand the functionality of the configuration packages.  At minimum allow the definition of a Data Template for importing records.

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    Tables requested to be added to pre-defined Configuration Package

    Suggested by Christian RoachCompleted 1
    Category: Data Migrations

    Request that the following tables be included in the base configuration package tables allowed to interact with:

    -Item Unit of Measure

    -No. Series and related No. Series Lines and Relationship tables

    -Tax Jurisdiction and Tax Areas

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    Enable Configuration for CRM Integration

    Suggested by Jennifer ReinhardtUnder Review 2
    Category: Data Migrations

    Customers are using the CRM/Financials integration, but they would like the ability to configure these integrations...partner is requesting we add the enable configuration for the CRM Integration

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    Allow more data fields to be entered in RapidStart, or subsequently modified via the "Export to Excel" function

    Suggested by David BoehmPlanned 0
    Category: Data Migrations

    This past weekend, I migrated a company from QuickBooks to Financials.  I ran into all sorts of unnecessary issues that at least doubled the time for doing this.

    As an example, your "RapidStart" doesn't import quantities for inventory items.  O.K., so I figured I would enter inventory items through RapidStart, and then use the "Export to Excel" function from with the "Financials | Item List" to export the items, enter the quantities, an then publish the updates back to Financials.

    Unfortunately, quantities aren't updatable when I try to "publish" the Excel spreadsheet back to Financials.  Consequently, I had to step through the item screen (one item at a time) in order to add the quantities on hand.

    Were your ears ringing?  If not, they should have been...  You allow inventory adjustments from the Item card, why not allow them through "RapidStart", "Export to Excel", or both?

    By not allowing us to do this en masse', you nearly made this task impossible to complete over a weekend.

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    Extension for Data Migration (Import from NAV)

    Suggested by Roberto StefanettiAccepted 0
    Category: Data Migrations

    Excluding a theoretical future Backup \ Restore from NAV on BC, in addition to manual management with Rapidstart (export\import packages) it might be useful to have a dedicated tool (created as an extension to activate OnDemand if necessary) for direct data import in BC from NAV.

    The extension could be based on Rapidstart or other solutions, consuming NAV Web Services, Query on Powershell etc.

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    Sandbox-Full Experience: Configuration Package is Filtered to D365 -- Cannot See "New" or "Imported" Packages

    Suggested by Warren YoungPlanned 0
    Category: Data Migrations

    In a Sandbox Environment with the "Full" User Experience enabled, it is possible to import and create new Configuration Packages.  However, it appears the page is filtered to only show the D365 Configuration Package.  As a result, it is not possible to see or use anything other than D365.

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    "Data Export" functions in Business Central ITA localization.

    Suggested by Roberto StefanettiRejected 0
    Category: Data Migrations

    "Data Export" functions in Business Central ITA localization.

    Would it be possible to activate the "Data Exports" function in the BC Italian localization ? this feature is already existingin in other locations. It would be useful to be able to export data.

    Thanks for support.
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    Dynamics 365 financials and operations for business edition data backup

    Suggested by Phil DraperNew 0
    Category: Data Migrations

    When setting up a migrated system there is a requirement to perform on demand backups and sometimes to restore these. This feature appears to be missing in this product