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    Barcode Scanner Control for Phones and Tablets

    Suggested by Patrik MüllerNew 0
    Category: Mobile

    It would be great to have a native control in BC (e.g. a special field type for Tablet-Client and Phone-Client) for scanning barcodes by using the camera of the device.

    The picture of the barcode should be interpreted within BC and the barcode value should be inserted into the field from where the process has been started.

    Additionally, it should be possible to start the barcode scanning process with AL-code. In this case, the barcode value should be passed over as a return value and we would be able to split the string into several elements (e.g. GS1 DataMatrix with multiple Information in one barcode).

    Finally there should be a possibility to give feedback to the user (sound or light) , whether the barcode could be interpreted correctly or not.
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    Image of document using Office Lens

    Suggested by Morten SeifertNew 0
    Category: Mobile

    The possibility of creating inbound documents using the camera on the phone is nice, but the images are often very bad - wrong angel and a lot of noize around it.

    By combining the Microsoft product "Office Lens" the user would define if you are taking a picture (a product or for other means) or a document (a receipt, invoice, etc.). Office Lens is free, so I would not expect it to be any license issues by combining it with the Business Central App.

    That way accounting gets a clean great looking picture of the receipt ready for approval and posting.
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    The time sheet page should be made available on telephones

    Suggested by David BoehmPlanned 1
    Category: Mobile

    The Time Sheet page is available on a computer screen or a tablet screen, but it is not available on a telephone screen.

    Users don't always have their computers or tablets with them when they "go out into the field", but they always have their phones with them. Always, always, always...