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    Image of document using Office Lens

    Suggested by Morten SeifertNew 0
    Category: Mobile

    The possibility of creating inbound documents using the camera on the phone is nice, but the images are often very bad - wrong angel and a lot of noize around it.

    By combining the Microsoft product "Office Lens" the user would define if you are taking a picture (a product or for other means) or a document (a receipt, invoice, etc.). Office Lens is free, so I would not expect it to be any license issues by combining it with the Business Central App.

    That way accounting gets a clean great looking picture of the receipt ready for approval and posting.
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    The time sheet page should be made available on telephones

    Suggested by David BoehmPlanned 1
    Category: Mobile

    The Time Sheet page is available on a computer screen or a tablet screen, but it is not available on a telephone screen.

    Users don't always have their computers or tablets with them when they "go out into the field", but they always have their phones with them. Always, always, always...