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    Publish more data for PowerBi, specifically for Dimensions report

    Suggested by Ben BoltePlanned 1
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    We would like to be able to do reporting in PowerBi on Dimensions.  Currently, the dimension set ID field from table 20 is not published on page 20 that we can publish to PowerBi.   

    This would make reporting much easier with Excel and PowerBi.

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    Be able to copy/export Account Schedules

    Suggested by Chris ScottPlanned 9
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    We often run the same financial report in slightly different versions, such as an detailed income statement and a summary income statement.  It would save a lot of time if we could simply copy an Account Schedule and edit it, rather than building an account schedule from scratch. 

    In a multi-company scenario, it would also help to be able to export account schedules from one company and import them into another company.

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    Schedule reports - Send by email and multiple users

    Suggested by Marie-Soleil Goulet-SawkaUnder Review 0
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    Ability to schedule a report to :

    - Send it by email

    - Send it to single, multiple or all users



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    Allow to assign transaction to a user , add it to his task with automatic follow up

    Suggested by Erez HadadUnder Review 0
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    Allow to assign any transaction (order, invoice, picklist, po) to a user, add it to his task with create automatic follow up, and alerts the user to perform before due date and when its do.

    allow to create 3 alerts per transaction.
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    Post Inventory Cost to G/L Report

    Suggested by Marc HaimeUnder Review 0
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    When running the Post Inventory Cost to G/L report and sending the result to PDF the report displays the General Posting Setup and the Entry type but it does not display the G/L Code for the accounts which were posted to.


    This would be a useful amendment to the report.

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    QST Registration Number on Reports

    Suggested by Small KUnder Review 0
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    Currently on Invoice Reports we can display the GST/HST Registration Number, However the QST Registration Number cannot be added to reports. 

    Many companies require both the GST/HST & QST Registration Number for expense reporting.

    It does not need to be added to reports by default but having the option to add it to a report if requested would be really helpful. It would be nice to add the field so it can be accessed with RDL or Word XML Mapping.

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    Account Schedule - Smart Column Captions

    Suggested by Warren YoungPlanned 0
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

     Currently, Account Schedules are limited to static captions such as "Current Period" or "Prior Period"

    The reports would be more readable if the Column Captions could be "smart" and display either the Date Filter being applied to the column or resolve to the Month / Period caption via Accounting Periods.

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    Need to add Vendor's Our Account No to check

    Suggested by Jennifer ReinhardtPlanned 2
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    Looking at various Check Reports, adding the field Our Account No from the Vendor Card is not available. Can we please get this field available to be added to Checks.

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    Time Entries in Project Services

    Suggested by Sumayya AslamUnder Review 0
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    In the Project Services Module for Dynamics 365 there is one Time Entry Form. If it can have start time and end time, with the duration of hours then it would be great please.

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    Custom Reporting - profit/loss, balance sheet, etc.

    Suggested by Scott PhilbrookCompleted 2
    Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

    I am new to this product but am tasked with creating custom reports out of Financial. I have looked for a couple hours, seen various web pages on setup, videos, even tried Chat with MS but have not figured out where the report writing or modification menu is for these basic financial reports. I understand perhaps BI module is involved? I realize the trend is towards a "clean" looking interface but it seems overly hard to find this functionality in 365 Finance. I am using actual product not the trial, FYI.