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    Subscription invoicing

    Suggested by Kenneth Kryger GramPlanned – Long-Term 4
    Category: Sales

    Companies are from physical and transaction based products to subscription based services. A Modern cloud based ERP/Financial solution should support management and invoicing of subscription services

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    Please add option for switch-off ‘Create Customer from Customer Name… on Sales Order…’ feature

    Suggested by Alexey FinogenovUnder Review 2
    Category: Sales

    ‘Sales Order’, if customer’s name has changed, and I want to do it on the sales order (adding “Ltd.” or something like this), but now system suggests to create new customer.
    The following message appears:

    This customer is not registered. To continue, choose one of the following options:
    Create a new customer card for Coho Winery XXXX
    Select an existing customer

    This functionality cannot be enabled/disabled by (de-)selecting an option.
    In some cases functionality has been felt unwanted from the customer perspective..
    At this point is more accurate, when we are dealing with “cash customers”. That is, customer’s which pay in cash and are one-time customers. Before this, I could have used “generic” customer and change the customer info on the sales order. Now, it is impossible, and we are in a situation, where we have multiple customers in NAV, which are irrelevant, after the one-time sales.
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    Navigate to linked purchase orders from sales orders

    Suggested by David BoehmCompleted 0
    Category: Sales

    There seems to be no way to determine whether a purchase document (i.e. a P.O or a Purchase Invoice) has been generated from a sales order.  If one has been generated, there seems to be no way to determine which one it happens to be.  In experimenting with this functionality, I can also create any number of duplicate P.O.'s or Purchase Invoices from the same sales order.

    After I've created a P.O. (and especially a Purchase Invoice) directly from within the Sales Order screen, I should at least get a warning if I try to create a duplicate.  I should be able to navigate from the sales order to the applicable purchase document.  I should also be able to navigate from the purchase document to the related sales order, as well.

    This kind of functionality is essential for managing purchases when these are directly related to sales.  This sort of functionality is basically available for drop shipments, and should be available for normal shipments as well.




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    b2b customer portal to allow customer view and place orders, pay and engage.

    Suggested by Erez HadadNew 0
    Category: Sales

    make a b2b portal for customers to log in to view orders, pay bills, place orders, request quotes, view quotes and on.

    I think ecommerce and customer portal is a must to have and must be from the same house (microsoft) in order to work perfectly together with the erp, inventory, finance, etc.

    Many cloud erp companies targeting a built in ecommerce. I can list 20 names but it won't be fair to list them here. Microsoft will have to do it now in order to stay ahead and keep his customers ahead of competition! as the future leading us to see more and more end to end solutions.

    most of the connectors, integrations and custom work are just slowing down the success of the customer which slow the success of microsoft and their partners. a growing company will always need more services from MS and its partners. Customer portal / ecommerce will have a positive effect on everybody including the partners that will have more implantation packages for the portal or ecommerce as it's the face of the company. respecting the partners that building connectors and ecommerces. but 500$ per month is not a reasonable price for ecommerce in 2018.
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    Customer document layout enhancements

    Suggested by Dirk ReepsUnder Review 1
    Category: Sales

    Some ideas regards the ‘Document Layouts’ - function in Dynamics NAV. This function is used to send certain documents to contacts different from the email address on the customer card, but lacks a few functions that would be helpful.
    1) Reminder option not available in document layout
    2) Ability to auto-fill columns based on ‘usage’
    3) Choose contact instead of filling in email address
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    Ability to post more that one Sales Invoice at a time

    Suggested by Dan LevyCompleted 1
    Category: Sales

    I thought this issue was supposed to be addressed in the June update but appears not.   This is a rather large oversight and needs to be addressed.  I'm assuming same issue in Purchase invoicing also

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    Allow Attachments to Sales Documents

    Suggested by Daniel BerubePlanned - Short-Term 0
    Category: Sales

    There should be the ability to attach documents to all types of transactions, not just journals and purchasing documents.  Even if it is to add the Incoming Document function (without needing OCR) that would at least make it consistent.  As of today you can add a document via the Incoming Document function with our without OCR.  This type of function should be available on the sales documents as well.



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    Email Multiple Sales Invoices

    Suggested by Richard CloyesPlanned – Mid-Term 0
    Category: Sales

    You can select multiple invoices from the sales invoices view but when you select post and send the feature only posts one of the selected invoices. Not sure if this is a bug or a new feature but it would be nice if you could select multiple invoices and process (post or post/send).
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    Sales and Special Discounts

    Suggested by Aaron IsaacmanPlanned – Long-Term 0
    Category: Sales

    Ability to put items on discount by item category code. Example: Maples are in Item Category 123, I want all maples to be 20% off.

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    Ability to Delete Multiple Records

    Suggested by Daniel BerubePlanned – Long-Term 1
    Category: Sales


    While on listing pages for sales orders, or unposted invoices, when you use the select multiple function the Delete option becomes inactive in the ribbon, along with Edit and View.  While Edit and View are understandable, a user should be able to Delete multiple records at one time.