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    Need to be able to reprint vendor Remittances to resend to Vendor after the fact

    Suggested by Jennifer ReinhardtUnder Review 4
    Category: Purchasing

    user is requesting to be able to reprint a remittance to send to a vendor after checks and remittances have been printed...this is for both Checks and EFT payment type of transactions.

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    Check Overflow

    Suggested by Dan LevyPlanned 1
    Category: Purchasing

    Currently: if you pay more then (I think 13 Vendor Invoices) it triggers a check overflow which has the effect of "burning the next X checks ( depending on the number of invoices your paying) I.e. it will void 3 checks if you are paying 40 invoices. 

    Suggestion: Create option to print Overflow report after check run



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    Adjust 1099 Annual Cumulative Amounts by Vendor

    Suggested by Jennifer RyanNew 1
    Category: Purchasing

    Many clients in the US require 1099 amounts for the calendar year but there appears to be no way to migrate mid-year 1099 amounts, by vendor, without migrating historical transactions. Because my client has many 1099 vendors, this will be a significant issue and we may need to consider holding off cut-over until the new year.

    I suggest the ability to enter a balance forward/beginning 1099 amount or, perhaps better, the ability to enter an adjustment to the cumulative 1099 amount, by vendor - not associated to Business Central transactions.
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    Create Functionality for Multiple Remit Address on Vendors

    Suggested by Deb deb.lashua@rsmus.comUnder Review 0
    Category: Purchasing

    Similar to the Order Address, allow for multiple remit to addresses on vendors. Invoices could be marked as to which remit address is applicable for each invoice. This should allow for one vendor to have multiple remit address so that payments could be made based on the remit address on the individual invoices.

    This is a feature in Dynamics GP and many of the clients moving from GP to Business Central want this type of functionality.
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    Extend Vendor Item No. from 20 to 50 Chars

    Suggested by Niall McGovernUnder Review 4
    Category: Purchasing

    On the Item table and related purchase document lines, the Vendor Item No. field is limited to Text 20. We regularly encounter customers with longer Vendor Item Nos. We don't want to consider extending the field as a modification.

    Item Cross References also only offer a Code 20 field for a similar purpose.

    Could you please consider extending the length of Vendor Item No. to Text 50?


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    Cancellation of Subcontracting

    Suggested by Michael MagerNew 1
    Category: Purchasing

    If a subcontractor sends items back and the post-Statement over the purchase line has a faulty quantity posted to production order, a cancellation of the whole process is necassary. This should work automatically behind the process. Also a cancellation of its delivery note should arrange the same function, as Long as no invoice is posted yet or the procution order is not going on. Sometimes a fault can happend when subcontractor quantites will posted manually through the purchase order.

    One further workarround should be to do the post Statement through the Warehouse receipt.
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    German Translation of Delivery Reminder is wrong

    Suggested by Daniel GöhlerNew 1
    Category: Purchasing

    German Translation of Delivery Reminder is wrong. Till NAV 2017 it was "Lieferanmahnung" (=Delivery Reminder) and now in NAV 2018 and Business Central it now called "Lieferbenachrichtung" (=Delivery Notification) which in is wrong.
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    Add ability to search for Posted Document using Vendor Credit Memo No

    Suggested by Holly PattersonCompleted 0
    Category: Purchasing

    Need a way to find a Posted Purchase Credit Memo by filtering on the Vendor Credit Memo No.  The Vendor Invoice No. is available on the Posted Purchase Invoice but the equivalent is not available on the Posted Purchase Credit Memo.

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    Add Amount Fields to Edit in Excel on Posted Purchase Invoices

    Suggested by Deb LashuaNew 0
    Category: Purchasing

    When reviewing the list of Posted Purchase Invoices, the amount and remaining amount fields are displayed. When you use the Edit in Excel feature to dump the information, the amount fields are both missing from the Excel file and they cannot be added via the design functionality.

    These should be displayed or there should be a means of Exporting the data.
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    Purchase Price

    Suggested by New 0
    Category: Purchasing

    In the purchase price for vendors, the currency code can't be added as a column.
    In the overview of purchase prices and discount, You can see the field currency code.