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    Export to Excel

    Suggested by Natalie LemkeAccepted 1
    Category: Financial Management

    Recommendation to add “Export to Excel” as core feature to all page layouts (consistent with Dynamics NAV 2017).  This is one of the key selling features that is repeatedly messaged regarding Dynamics products: that users have access to the familiar “Microsoft feel”. In Dynamics 365 for Financials, it is clear Finance users want access to data to model, analyze, and aggregate without entering an “editable” worksheet.  This is helpful for AR Customer reconciliations (export Customer Ledger Entries) or exporting the working items related to an Invoice to export Invoice Line information.  Additionally, this is valuable once a list of Posted Sales Invoice OR Posted Purchase Receipt documents is filtered, to export the filtered set for ad hoc analysis/reporting.

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    Print Reports for all Dimensions not just 1 and 2

    Suggested by Jennifer ReinhardtUnder Review 2
    Category: Financial Management

    There have been numerous requests to be able to print reports based on more than just Dimensions 1 and 2, please consider adding additional Dimensions to the printing of reports

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    Ability to undo or voide a Bank Reconciliation

    Suggested by Jennifer ReinhardtUnder Review 1
    Category: Financial Management

    If someone uses the auto match and doesn't catch an incorrectly matched transaction and posts the Bank Reconciliation there is no way to undo this. There needs to be a way to void or undo a Bank Reconciliation in a Saas environment.

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    'Limit Totals To' filters - Chart of Accounts

    Suggested by Ben DebeerNew 1
    Category: Financial Management

    Would be great to have the ability (as in standard NAV) to set 'Date Filters' on the Chart Of Accounts using something like the 'Limit Totals To' functionality.



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    Create general journal & vendor invoice from Excel add-in

    Suggested by Howard WalkerUnder Review 1
    Category: Financial Management

    Please add the ability to start or create a general journal entry from inside the Excel add-in.  Currently users are required to create a journal batch in 365 so the system will assign a batch number, then you launch Excel.  The batch number is passed in to Excel.  Why can't we skip that step and have Excel generate the batch number?  The same concept applies to vendor invoices and other transactions that can be performed in Excel.  

    My clients are asking for this. 

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    Remittance Advice email facility

    Suggested by Charlie JonesPlanned – Long-Term 1
    Category: Financial Management

    Hi when printing a remittance advice, the abiltiy to email it directly from financials like other reports, would be excellent

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    Support for consolidated finacial reports

    Suggested by Philip MorrowPlanned - Short-Term 0
    Category: Financial Management

    Need to run consolidated financials across 5 companies each with their own local currency.

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    General Ledger Entries - Dimension Codes

    Suggested by Warren YoungPlanned – Mid-Term 0
    Category: Financial Management

    Dimensions are not visible on the General Ledger Entries.  Global 1 and Global 2 should be visible at a minimum.  3-8 would be very beneficial as well.  Dimension Set ID would be a helpful stopgap for filtering purposes.

    This request came up specifically for a client looking at the General Ledger Entries, but the request is relevant to all Ledger Entry pages.

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    Purchase invoice List

    Suggested by Mark McLeanPlanned - Short-Term 1
    Category: Financial Management

    Could you add the Vendor Invoice number to the purchase invoice list view?



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    Apply and Unapply functionality for General Ledger Entries

    Suggested by Dirk ReepsUnder Review 0
    Category: Financial Management

    The customers would like the Apply/Unapply General Ledger Entry local functionality currently available for France, Belgian, Netherlands etc. to be made available in the UK database (or better in W1 so all localizations get this nice feature)