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      About this Page - Zoom

      Suggested by Inês ChorãoPlanned 3

      It would be great if Business Central had the About This Page (Zoom) functionality so that we could be able to see page details.
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      "Saved Views" feature like in Dynamics NAV

      Suggested by Roberto StefanettiPlanned 6

      It would be useful to be able to use the "Saved Views" function like the one existing in Dynamics NAV.

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      Can we have a System Indicator in Business Central?

      Suggested by David RoysPlanned 8

      We have a client that has over 80 companies and one group regularly needs to switch between seven companies. It is essential for them to be able to quickly tell which company they are in. The BC Web Client shows the company name on Role Center and List Pages but does not show it on Card pages. There also does not appear to be any way to change colors or offer any other visual cue to help people to see which company they are in quickly. Can I suggest we include something within the UI that will show the system indicator. Here is my mockup of what it could look like (See for screen shots.). You could use the existing system indicator settings on the Company Information. It would be really, really nice if you could add the ability to set the color instead of picking from a set of pre-canned styles.

      A combination of a selectable tint color (like in Reporting services where you can pick from a list of names or enter an RGB value) which would replace the default Teal, and displaying the company name in the title bar for all page types would be perfect.
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      Profile configuration in Business Central

      Suggested by Melissa MatheussenUnder Review 3

      In NAV, it was possible to configure profiles by making use of configuration mode. This way, you can change the lay-out of pages for each group of users, such as bookkeepers, warehouse workers… That way they only see the buttons and columns most relevant to them.
      In Business Central, there doesn't seem to be a configuration mode. We were wondering what the best way is in Business Central to customize profiles so that a group of users have the same personalization.
      It is only possible to change the lay-outs of pages for all users (using Designer modus) or for one user (using Personalisation modus). It is not efficient to change the designs of hundreds of pages user by user!
      Are we the only partner who finds this a huge problem?
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      Multiple Windows

      Suggested by John SauberPlanned 2

      It appears that the only way to have multiple windows open is to start a new session in the browser in a separate window or tab. Is this true? As NAV RTC users, it is not unheard of to have several windows open at once. How is this being managed in the new client? It seems unacceptable to have each window open right on top of the last one opened. Yikes.
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      Multi-geo locations with Business Central

      Suggested by Darren BayleyUnder Review 6
      Category: Geographies and Localization

      Ability to use multi-geo locations with Business Central, so that in the same Office 365 tenant, you can have for example a UK instance of Business Central, and a US instance of Business Central.
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      Export to Excel

      Suggested by Natalie LemkeAccepted 6
      Category: Financial Management

      Recommendation to add “Export to Excel” as core feature to all page layouts (consistent with Dynamics NAV 2017).  This is one of the key selling features that is repeatedly messaged regarding Dynamics products: that users have access to the familiar “Microsoft feel”. In Dynamics 365 for Financials, it is clear Finance users want access to data to model, analyze, and aggregate without entering an “editable” worksheet.  This is helpful for AR Customer reconciliations (export Customer Ledger Entries) or exporting the working items related to an Invoice to export Invoice Line information.  Additionally, this is valuable once a list of Posted Sales Invoice OR Posted Purchase Receipt documents is filtered, to export the filtered set for ad hoc analysis/reporting.

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      Subscription invoicing

      Suggested by Kenneth Kryger GramPlanned 7
      Category: Sales

      Companies are from physical and transaction based products to subscription based services. A Modern cloud based ERP/Financial solution should support management and invoicing of subscription services

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      Option to merge multiple pdf files into one document

      Suggested by Johannes WikmanNew 2
      Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

      Our users want to batch print Sales Invoices. In WinClient we could solve that, but now when running WebClient only (SaaS) we're having different troubles.

      Since we need to use the configured Custom Report Layouts, we have to print the invoices one a time.
      If we call Report.Run one at a time, the user only gets the last pdf file
      If we saves all pdfs into a zip and sends that to the browser, it's getting complicated for the user:
      - They first need to unzip
      - Then they need to print the reports:
      ○ one at a time
      ○ Or 15 (default Windows Limit) at a time by right-clicking if they got Adobe Reader installed
      ○ Or through a third party application if they want to print all in a go

      To enable us to create user friendly apps we need a "Merge PDF Files" feature in the application, either as a built in platform function or as a codeunit wrapper around a new .NET dll.

      And please, don't suggest that we should use Azure Functions for this. We've got a working Proof of Concept for joining pdfs, but it shouldn't be the solution for this. A lot of users and partners will have the same issues if this is not solved. There must be tons of reasons of not doing this as an Azure function, let me know if you really need some more arguments on this than the obvious.
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      Batch printing with different Custom Report Layouts

      Suggested by Johannes WikmanNew 0
      Category: Reports and Business Intelligence

      When printing reports that have a custom report layout that is configured per record (e.g. different custom "Sales Invoice" report layouts per Customer) the report must be printed per record (eg. per "Sales Invoice Header" record). Otherwise the custom report layout will be ignored.

      The users are getting confused by the different layouts being printed when they are printing one or several invoices.

      A solution would be (as we've solved it in the past) to change the printing of "sales invoices" (and other reports that's affected by the same scenario) so that it will only print if a single record is being printed (use SetRecFilter) and that the batch printing from the MenuSuite is a new report that is calling the other reports for one record at a time.
      But running this solution on SaaS will give us new challenges since we cannot print several reports in one go from the web client (see Idea ), so that needs to be fixed first.

      This is related to Service Request 118120519420149