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      Quick Send feature

      Suggested by Shidin HaridasPlanned 1
      Category: Email Marketing

      Ability to send Marketing emails (based or not based on marketing email templates) to users directly rather than setting up a customer journey. The 'Send Email' button on the classic web-version only looks at the standard email templates and not the marketing emails. For more details, check out ClickDimensions 'Quick send email' functionality.

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      Include split testing

      Suggested by Jonas WautersPlanned 1
      Category: Email Marketing

      So that the system can (automatically) help use determine the best email design/content to use based on a defined strategy. The winning e-mail is then sent to the remainder of the recipients.

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      Making an actual working e-mail editor for marketing professionals

      Suggested by Frank EissensPlanned 1
      Category: Email Marketing

      The "drag and drop-editor" is just a marketing term. It doen't work properly. Please buy or build an e-mail editor that can compete with other Marketing Automation tooling like Pardot, Marketo, Sharpspring or even ClickDimension.

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      Ability to build custom reports on marketing interactions

      Suggested by Robert PhillipsUnder Review 0
      Category: Email Marketing

      The current insights offered on email interactions are rendered nearly useless by the lack of decent reporting tools and custom view development. For example, a very basic question about a campaign is who did not open the email. This is necessary for reporting but also for campaign follow up. There is a hint at some more advanced capability: but the integration recommended is not available.

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      Marketing Email Insights heatmap/links clicked to recognize Marketing Pg links

      Suggested by Judi FungUnder Review 0
      Category: Email Marketing

      Currently if I place a link to a Marketing Page in an email, it does not get tracked as a link in the email insights analytics - this occurs either as a text link or a Marketing Page button to the marketing page. This is required to provides a complete and accurate picture of the marketing email's analytics for links clicked/click through heat map, etc.