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    Make a pricing model that fit companies with larger databases

    Suggested by Frank EissensUnder Review 0
    Category: Purchase / License/ Quotas

    Please adjust the pricing model. Microsoft asks extra fee for more than 10.000 contacts. That means that the price goes pretty fast to the level of high-end Marketing Automation competitors. That's not fair. Unfortunately we had to decide that Dynamics for Marketing is to expensive ($6000,- per month) instead of Click Dimensions ($650)

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    Pricing for Contacts

    Suggested by Mark HowieUnder Review 1
    Category: Purchase / License/ Quotas

    Why are you charging for contacts over a certain number (2000,) in the Marketing 365? All other competitors charge for engagements over a certain number.
    I have over 50K contacts alone, but I am not going to market to all of them!