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      Allow ability to configure activity creation date on Activities Pane

      Suggested by Raj RaoUnder Review 0
      Category: Settings

      In the Social Pane, when activities are shown, the creation date is shown as "Today" or "Yesterday". When used for Field Services (Cases & Activities), this resolution is inadequate for a call-center, as they maybe getting multiple messages within the day and need to be able to quickly tell when the last activity was created. This has been one of the top complaints when we implemented Field Services for the call-center in our organization. It would be nice to be able define if the Activities Pane would show it using "yesterday"/"today" or the actual date time. Ideally this should be done on a form level, but if it could be done on an entity or a global level, that would be fine too.

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      Please improve the page load time

      Suggested by ANDRE MARGONOUnder Review 3
      Category: Settings

      The current page load time for segment definition/builder, segment members, Insights are quite slow. This is distracting the focus of the user.

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      Big Picture View/Insights

      Suggested by Mike HammonsUnder Review 0
      Category: Settings

      Seeing insights for each contact, email, event, website, etc. is fine and good, however, I don't understand how I can see an all up view of all activities. E.g. Total Number of Clicks for All Emails, or All Events, or All Pages. Trending information for these activities? Ability to see these all on a dashboard? The need to go into each entity and then to each record to see insights or to get details about performance is extremely limiting.

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      Add Nuer language

      Suggested by Jon McFadyenUnder Review 0
      Category: Settings

      Please add the language of "Nuer" to the available language packs of Dynamics 365 CRM.