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      Include split testing

      Suggested by Jonas WautersPlanned 0
      Category: Email Marketing

      So that the system can (automatically) help use determine the best email design/content to use based on a defined strategy. The winning e-mail is then sent to the remainder of the recipients.

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      Quick Send feature

      Suggested by Shidin HaridasPlanned 1
      Category: Email Marketing

      Ability to send Marketing emails (based or not based on marketing email templates) to users directly rather than setting up a customer journey. The 'Send Email' button on the classic web-version only looks at the standard email templates and not the marketing emails. For more details, check out ClickDimensions 'Quick send email' functionality.

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      Making an actual working e-mail editor for marketing professionals

      Suggested by Frank EissensPlanned 1
      Category: Email Marketing

      The "drag and drop-editor" is just a marketing term. It doen't work properly. Please buy or build an e-mail editor that can compete with other Marketing Automation tooling like Pardot, Marketo, Sharpspring or even ClickDimension.

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      Possibility to add personal QR to email

      Suggested by Under Review 1
      Category: Event Management

      To register visitors of an event easily, it is necessary for the registered visitor to have his personal QR code in an email. This way visitors can be scanned upon entry and a show can be registered in Dynamics

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      Send out a confirmation per event, not per session

      Suggested by Under Review 1
      Category: Event Management

      Right now, Dynamics for Marketing sends an confirmation per session registration. This is confusing for visitors. The registration process is clearer for visitors when they can register for the event and the sessions in one go and then receive a combined confirmation email for the event with all the sessions someone registered for.

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      Please improve the page load time

      Suggested by ANDRE MARGONOUnder Review 3
      Category: Settings

      The current page load time for segment definition/builder, segment members, Insights are quite slow. This is distracting the focus of the user.

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      Please provide preview before making the segmentation live

      Suggested by ANDRE MARGONOUnder Review 1
      Category: Segmentation

      At this moment for the dynamic segment, it doesn't give us the ability to preview the member list before the segment is made live. And even after it made live, it took some time for the segment to be populated. From the usability point of view, this is inefficient for the marketing manager to test the segment.

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      Please provide the ability to report on where is the contact in the customer journey

      Suggested by ANDRE MARGONOUnder Review 1
      Category: Customer Journey

      At this moment, when we see the customer journey progress, we can only see via Insight form where it shows how many successful, failed, in progress. But we could not report who is in what stage in the journey. Also from the contact point of view, I would like to be able to see what customer journey that I'm involved and at what stage.

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      Please make relationship name to be more user friendly

      Suggested by ANDRE MARGONOPlanned 1
      Category: Segmentation

      At this moment on the segment definition page, where I need to set related entity, it is giving the entity relationship name that only system customizer would understand. Please allow a user readable name for the relationship.

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      Hidden Form Field Type

      Suggested by Brad ComerNew 0
      Category: Marketing Pages & Forms

      Allow for a hidden form field type when creating marketing forms.