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      Provide work hour and expense recording in Field Service. (Same like in PSA.)

      Suggested by Daniel HotzPlanned 4
      Category: Resource Scheduling Optimization

      PSA provides a great work hour and expense recording tool for resources.

      A lot of customers are asking for the same functionality in Field Service!

      We use the same resource entities, schedule Board in both products. Why it is not possible to record work hours and expenses related to a work order?

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      Calculate travel time when using drag&drop on the schedule board

      Suggested by Alexander HeinzePlanned 9
      Category: Resource Scheduling Optimization

      When a resource requirement is scheduled using the Schedule Assistant, the travel time is correctly calculated. However when using drag&drop, the booking gets created w/o any travel times. This inconsistent behavior often confuses user.


      Suggestion: Unify the behavior (of course only if job is not location agnostic).

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      Field Service - Multiple Resources and Resource Requirements

      Suggested by Kevin HendricksPlanned 2
      Category: Resource Scheduling Optimization

      We established a gap in Field Service after a discussion in the Field Service Yammer Group in regards to Multiple Resources and the Resource Requirements. If you for example would like to schedule a Work Order to 2 Resources, you will find that this can't easily be done without any customization or even coding (plugins / custom workflow activities) in the system. Although you theoretically can schedule the same Resource Requirement twice, you would most likely want the Resource Requirement to disappear from the "Unscheduled Work Orders" view (or custom view for that matter) in the Schedule Board once it has been planned. The Resource Requirement does have a Quantity Attribute which is described in the MSDN as "Enter the number of resources required.". This attribute however does not seem to be used anywhere. So as a partner we have a few options, which I would love to see natively available in Field Service. 1. Multiple Resource Requirements One way to resolve this natively in Field Service, would be by introducing a new setting in the Administration page of Field Service "Create individual Resource Requirements". In the background, Field Service can then create duplications of the Resource Requirement based on the Quantity of the original/parent Resource Requirement. These can then be individually filtered and planned. 2. "Remaining Quantity" Another approach is a new field on the Resource Requirement named "Remaining Quantity". The Resource Requirement would be generated / created with a "Quantity" of 2. The "Remaining Quantity" is then automatically set to the same value upon creation. Every booking will result in the "Remaining Quantity" to be reduced by 1, where as a cancellation or deletion of the booking will result in the "Remaining Quantity" to be increased by 1. Therefore enabling you to filter the Resource Requirement properly. In addition to that, it would be nice to see a way to define the "Quantity". Possibly on the Incident Type. I feel having both options in Field Service available, will enable the architect/lead to decide the best approach for their case. Resources Groups do not fulfill this gap, as that would be the preferred approach if the customer has fixed teams. As an example: you might be inclined to use a single Resource Requirement with multiple bookings when the Resources work together during an installation on the same date and time, while you might want multiple Resource Requirements when using different date and times so you can configure the "Promised time / date" fields accordingly.

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      Better multiday overview

      Suggested by KAJ ASMUSSENNew 0

      On the Field Service Schedule Board, by choosing the Days, Weeks or Months view, the information displayed is not enough for typical Field Service customer. The customer expects - like in the Hours-view - to see a work order overview.

      This is not possible you need to expand every resource to be able to see this information. This is one click per resource is needed to expand the information.

      The customer is concerned for the fact that by having a large quantity of resources, needs to do one click per resource to see the information for each one of them.

      At the same time when expanded, it takes a lot of space per resource and you can only overview a few resources on one page.

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      RSO: Schedule a Multi-Day trip

      Suggested by Daniel HotzPlanned 1
      Category: Resource Scheduling Optimization

      It should be possible to setup RSO scheduling a Multi-day trip.

      This is a strong requirement. A lot of our customers schedule resources for multi-day trips (without returning to Office/Home for x days).

      This should be setup on resource Level.

      In this scenario - a Service engineer leaves at home monday morning and returns friday evening. He stays x nights in hotels on his route.

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      Add Est. Arrival Time to Schedule Assistant

      Suggested by Rahim JiwaniUnder Review 0
      Category: Resource Scheduling Optimization

      When using the Field Service Schedule Assistant (with travel times), the filter options only let you set a filter for the Start Time and End Time.  However, with travel times enabled, the Start Time is when the resource begins travelling (not the start time of the booking/appointment with the customer).

      For example, if a customer is on the phone and requests a 10am appointment, there is no way to easily get suggestions where the appointment time (Est. Arrival Time) is 10am.  A user might open the schedule assistant and enter a Start Time of 10am - this will display results where the resource begins travelling at 10am.  So if the travel time is 36 minutes, the assistant recommends an appointment time (Est. Arrival Time) of 10:36am.

      Of course, there are ways to update this after the assistant makes the recommendation, but that causes extra steps and there is a risk you are now violating certain restrictions (work hours, other bookings, etc.) that the assistant takes into consideration.

      I would suggest adding the Est. Arrival Time as a filter option (along with Start Time and End Time) or simply replacing the Start Time filter to drive the Est. Arrival Time.

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      Schedule Board - Optimize Day View

      Suggested by Matthias BackNew 1

      Scenario: we are planing service jobs in a heavy industry solution for multiple days! As soon as we choose the day view. This view shows on each resource / day cell an aggregation of the numbers of booked hours. We don't need to see the hours, we need to see the Service Job name! Like it is in the hours view. Using in the hours view does not work, because it is limited to 7 days! Please make it possible to deactivate the aggegration and adjust/customize the tile in the day view like it is already in the hours view

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      Schedule Board - capability to schedule by days

      Suggested by Matt BurbackNew 3

      For the D365 Field Service and Schedule Board - could a capability be added that you can drag and schedule a resource by days? Today the solution will allow scheduling by hours, but we have a need for scheduling by days.

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      Field Service - Bookable Resource Start Position

      Suggested by Mark ChristiePlanned 2
      Category: Resource Scheduling Optimization

      Several customers have given the real world scenario that their Bookable resources will have different start and end locations each day.

      This could be different regional offices, Hotels or their own house.

      At the moment there is a limitation that you can only have you start and end location as 1 fixed place. At the moment we need to create a psudeo Bookable Resource Booking in to route correctly for that day

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      Fields Service cannot search resources if ‘Ignore Travel Time’ is not checked

      Suggested by RENA SATOUnder Review 0
      Category: Resource Scheduling Optimization

      Go to Field Service > Work Orders > SCHEDULE ASSISTANT on the ribbon.

      In order to search resources from Work Orders by using Schedule assistant, you need to check into ‘Ignore Travel Time’.

      If ‘Ignore Travel Time’ is not selected, the error shows up saying that ‘ONE OR MORE ERRORS OCCURRED’. This is quite troublesome.

      Please look into the issue and the fix is needed for CRM users.


      Relevant for Dynamics CRM Online 2016