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      Show inventory data on your 3D Assetss

      Suggested by Adrian MichelsUnder Review 0

      The use case is coming from multiple industries.

      Customers would use Layout to put objects into a space, either furniture or Machinery. If I do not want to layout my own space but a space I would rent later on, I would need more information on the Items I put into this space.

      Please make sure, that more information, like price, availability of these items is displayed.

      If you put multiple items into a space, please add a feature about a pricing summarization.

      Example, I need to rent 200 chairs and a table for an event. If I layout my room and then want to know, the exact cost and delivery date of these items I would need an integration into D365 inventory data and Operations data. This could be done for any other rental item as well. The ultimate workflow is to book your layout and get ist scheduled directly out of the application.
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      English Welcome page

      Suggested by Bala SRejected 0

      While I logged in Dynamics CRM as Administrator I can see some Hindi Welcome Words on the left corner.
      As I chosen country selection India while logging in.
      In India not everyone speaking, reading Hindi, I don't know what was the word it.
      Please remove it or add ENGLISH/HINDI AS WELCOME/welcome in Hindi.
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      Re-instate Outlook App search by Case Number

      Suggested by Bridgette SzkalakRejected 0

      V8.2 allowed for the search of Case Numbers in App for Outlook when tracking emails. It is imperative that this functionality be re-instated for ease of tracking emails to specific Case records, otherwise there is room for misalignment of emails to records based solely on subject.
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      Administration centers

      Suggested by Michael StarrRejected 0

      Office 365 and D365 admin center logins should be available off my waffle menu if I have those rights. From my customers I have seen a lot of confusion with the number of clicks and screens they need to go through to bring those up.

      Now they set favs to them but when they upgrade their OS, and lose them, they are calling me up trying to find them again.
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      Audit Trail to be made available on Unified Interface

      Suggested by Deepika PaulRejected 0

      Enable Audit History to be visible for all entities in the Unified Interface. Currently we are able to view Audit History only in classic interface.
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      Add reports and create new in workspaces

      Suggested by Rejected 0

      If users create a new workspace. It is not possible for example to Add report. In a existing the workspace for example as Customer invoicing from Links Microsoft have created in links reports, but it is not possible to add new reports to existing workspace or a new workspace.
      In many existing workspaces it is possible to create new from left corner. If you personalize a workspace or create a new workspace it is not possible for the user to add the same functions.
      These two issues would be good to have otherwise the users still have to go to modules to search for reports and it if they have to create a new sales order, free text invoice, general ledger journal etc. they have double click though other menus to have the function.
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      Make Legend and Series of charts static

      Suggested by Stephen Franel VillavertRejected 0

      Display legend and series values of chart even if there is no record that uses it. For example, a chart that displays cases by priority should display High, Medium, Low column bars even if there is no High priority case.

      When editing chart XML, the assignment of color is dependent to the order of the legend/series. So if there is missing or additional legend/series value, then the color assignment gets distorted.