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    Project Accounting: Add the option for a quantity in Fee Billings

    Suggested by Dawn PrigmoreNew 0
    Category: Project Accounting

    When billing fees, it is often necessary to include a quantity without associating the fees with a cost transaction.  Suggestion:  add the option to bill (and budget) a quantity x rate for Fee Billings so the users don't have to waste lines in the Fee notes to add that information. 

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    Project Accounting PO created off a Requisition must be allowed to be cancelled

    Suggested by Sheila O'LinnNew 0
    Category: Project Accounting

    A Project Accounting PO created off a Requisition must be allowed to be cancelled. Currently there is no way of cancelling a PO line or voiding or deleting a PO if a requisition that has project accounting on it was transferred into a PO. This is a bug which should be fixed as soon as possible.
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    Resolve Bank Deposit Import issue where wrong chequebook is used - Quality issue #81331 (CR 80802)

    Suggested by Neil PalmerNew 0
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    81331 – The incorrect Chequebook is likely to get selected for an Import form the Deposit Import Setup window if more than one import name is established The 1st chequebook in the CBDEP003 table is selected, rather than the Chequebook specified in the Deposit Import definition. This bug started in Dynamics GP 2013 R2 (12.00.1745) and still exists in GP2018.

    I had one user report that they added a CHEQUEBOOK ID column to the import file and amended the setup to pull from the file, rather than the import window, but this did not work for me in my testing. You can test for that option if you want. Otherwise, your client may need to do option 1 if they are not able to use only one at a time.

    Option 1 – Add another chequebook ID to the deposit setup, whether a valid chequebook ID or a dummy chequebook ID you create for this purpose. Now on the import window, you will get a list of all the chequebook ID’s to choose from. You do need to enter batch numbers for each, but then the import works fine. However a batch is created for each, and you must then go and delete the empty batches created for the dummy chequebook ID and post the correct batch you need. But it seems to work fine if the import has more than 1 chequebook ID on it.

    Option 2 - As you stated, delete the other imports, and do only one deposit at a time, as it is using the chequebook ID for the first deposit import in the CBDEP003 table rather than the chequebook ID for the selected import. This is a manual process and not ideal for a multi-user situation.

    Option 3 - Another option is to keep the other import setups, just blank out the chequebook ID’s on them. It uses the first one it sees in the CBDEP003 table, so if they are all blank, except for the one you need, then it will pick up this one. The user will have to add back the chequebook ID when they need to use the import, and then remove it again from the setup when they are done. This requires the user to add/remove chequebook ID’s continuously as they do various imports (but at least they don’t lose the while import setup). This option is not ideal for multi-users as well.

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    Show Intercompany Journal Entry General Ledger Accounts in web client

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    When Intercompany is check marked in the GL Transaction Entry window the intercompany GL account will not show on the line. You can post fine but the account does not show in the window. This shows fine in Rich Client, just account does not appear in web client.
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    Navigation List - Add Columns Available via SmartList

    Suggested by Amber BellNew 0
    Category: Tools - Other

    Navigation Lists include options for bulk actions. Currently the columns available are very limited. Please increase Navigation List to use the columns available via the similar SmartList (Customers, Vendors, Items, etc.). For example: Currently Navigation Lists do not include the Class ID for master records and the Batch ID for transactions. These 2 fields are very important for searches and transactions.
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    Link PM and POP DIST Type

    Suggested by Jothikrishnan NarasimmarajEvidence Gathering 0
    Category: Distribution - Purchase Order Processing

    Distribution types are different between POP and PM Module. We have AP Aging Expense report and needed to link payments with invoices and link shipments to fetch the purchase amount in distribution. Since PM and POP module dist types are different, it is bit harder now. Why dont you add an additional column to reference the POP dist type in PM module.
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    eCONNECT for Bill of Materials

    Suggested by Richard WheelerNew 0
    Category: Tools - eConnect

    Have eConnect methods to create and populate bills of materials.
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    Enhance MDA (Multidimentional Analysis)

    Suggested by Michael WeaverNew 0
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    This mini-module has been neglected for years and at one point was being shown the door, supplanted by it's big brother AA, however many don't have the need nor want the complexity of deploying and maintaining AA. Since MDA doesn't seem to be completely going away anytime soon, how about adding a few features to it, like:

    1. Make it work with some additional core modules that it currently does not, like bank reconciliation and Fixed Assets for example.

    2. Add some functionality to make creating and assigning Analysis Groups to GL accounts a little less of a manual process (i.e. one at a time). How about and "Assign Analysis Groups by Account Range" feature.

    3. Have MDA work with MR like it used to with FRx

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    Ability to End Web Management sessions

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
    Category: Business Intelligence

    Being able to end multiple sessions at once in Web Management Console. Would be nice if users had more control over this. The web admins want to be able to be more forceful in ending sessions, maybe this would be easier with the ‘light mode’ sessions?
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    Read Year field when defaulting First/Last Day dates in Fiscal Periods Setup window

    Suggested by Dawn PrigmoreNew 0
    Category: Financials - Other

    When creating a new year in the Fiscal Periods Setup window, the system assumes the next year when defaulting the First Day/Last Day dates.  If a client is adding history after going live, they may need to add historical years.  Suggested update:  read the year field to decide what First Day/Last Day to default.