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    Add Email Functionality to Letter Writing Assistant

    Suggested by Amber BellNew 0
    Category: Tools - Other

    The Letter Writing Assistant is an awesome way to create letters for Customers, Vendors and Employees. Unfortunately, it only allows for printing of letters in bulk when using SmartList to generate. It would be awesome if the option to Email could be used via SmartList and the Letter Writing Assistant Wizard.
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    Change default report type 'standard'

    Suggested by Valeria MontagutNew 1
    Category: Web Client

    When working with web client, even though the templates have been disabled for the whole Company, 'template' value is setup as default report value. Can't change this setting.
    Please, review to modifiy this, in order to have the same behaviour that the desktop versión.
    Thank you!
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    Payroll - Voiding a DD check before the ACH file is submitted

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 2
    Category: Human Resources/Payroll - Payroll

    Many times we are all completed with payroll ready to send the file to the bank and we found an oops on 1 employee check, right now there is no way to get that check out of the direct deposit ach file, you have to call the bank, see if they will manually remove it or try to edit the file without causing issues. It would be nice if we had an option to remove a check from the ACH file, either through the VOID or a different option
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    Add scrolling arrows to Account Segment Setup window

    Suggested by Dawn PrigmoreNew 0
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    In Financial > Setup > Financial > Segment, ad the ability to scroll through number records once the Segment ID has been selected.

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    FIx Checkbook Register

    Suggested by Dan SaffoNew 0
    Category: Financials - Other

    The checkbook register runs very slowly after it was moved from a regular table in report writer to a temp table. The code to populate this temp table likely needs to be optimized because it takes up to 5 minutes just to run the report and I assume customers with higher volumes will take even longer.
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    Limit Excel Copy/Paste Decimals Places to Currency Setup

    Suggested by Charlie SavkoNew 0
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    It is possible to do an Excel copy/paste for more than decimal places than the currency is setup for. These do not show in the UI, which is misleading, however, the extra values are in the GL10001 table. These will also post, if balanced.

    At the very least, an error should be thrown for entries that exceed the decimal places.
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    Export AA Budget by GL Line

    Suggested by Chris WarrenNew 1
    Category: Financials - Analytical Accounting

    The AA budget when exported appears on multiple lines with the budget total at top level and then down in to individual GL account level.

    This means that to make the information useful the data has to be manipulated to remove superfluous lines.

    It would be better to export the data on an individual GL account basis.

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    Import Credit Card Transactions

    Suggested by Leslie VailNew 0
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    GP needs the ability to import credit card transactions into payables a la QuickBooks.
    We now can pay them with a 'credit card' check run, please give us an easy way to get the invoice recorded.
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    Replace checklinks with SQL Foreign Keys

    Suggested by Marc KNew 1
    Category: System

    Checklinks is a symptom of a problem that need not exist, and likely a holdover from the application's past. Now that only Microsoft SQL Server is supported as a database backend, there are powerful features available that weren't when multiple database backends were supported.

    Please define foreign key relationships at the database level so that it becomes impossible to experience the data damage that checklinks is designed to correct.
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    Ability to End Web Management sessions

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
    Category: Business Intelligence

    Being able to end multiple sessions at once in Web Management Console. Would be nice if users had more control over this. The web admins want to be able to be more forceful in ending sessions, maybe this would be easier with the ‘light mode’ sessions?