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    Import Credit Card Transactions

    Suggested by Leslie VailNew 0
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    GP needs the ability to import credit card transactions into payables a la QuickBooks.
    We now can pay them with a 'credit card' check run, please give us an easy way to get the invoice recorded.
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    Replace checklinks with SQL Foreign Keys

    Suggested by Marc KNew 1
    Category: System

    Checklinks is a symptom of a problem that need not exist, and likely a holdover from the application's past. Now that only Microsoft SQL Server is supported as a database backend, there are powerful features available that weren't when multiple database backends were supported.

    Please define foreign key relationships at the database level so that it becomes impossible to experience the data damage that checklinks is designed to correct.
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    Use Tax tracking in PM/POP

    Suggested by Mike GiuffreNew 0
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    We need to track our purchases that are subject to Use Tax. This is not possible and the tax features in AP add the tax to the amounts owed the vendor.

    The Use Tax is an amount we owe the tax authority for our purchases, not the vendor. It would be much simpler if we could somehow flag or tag invoice amounts or POP items that are subject to use tax.
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    Don't ask to add new account when the lookup is engaged in Account maintenace

    Suggested by Dawn PrigmoreNew 1
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    In the majority of lookup windows, you can type in the first several characters of the ID before doing a lookup, and when you select the desired record from the lookup window, it brings you back to the maintenance window and populates with the selected record.  If you take those same steps in the account maintenance window, you are asked if you want to save the record (the few characters you typed prior to going to the lookup).  If the lookup is engaged after typing the characters, it should not ask if you want to save that record when you return to the window.

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    Project Inv Transfer to post right through into the GL

    Suggested by Sheila O'LinnNew 0
    Category: Project Accounting


    I've discovered that there is a problem with the inventory quantities being allocated in the inventory tables if a project inventory transfer is saved into a batch and the Inventory Reconcile task is run. I therefore think that it would be excellent if the option of marking the PA Inv Trf to post through to the GL actually did that - it must post right through. I could then enable transactional posting for that PA transaction type.

    I know that standard functionality won't post right through to the GL if the entry is not saved in a batch in the sub-module, but it would be great if an exception could be made for this PA transaction type bearing in mind the issue around the stock quantities saved in a batch.

    This is my suggestion to ensure that the stock quantities are not corrupted and that the finance user does not have to manually post the batches.

    Thank you
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    Item code browsing should present the Item Description instead of Short Descriptoin

    Suggested by Sheila O'LinnNew 0
    Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

    When browsing the Item Masterfile, the 2 current fields are Item Number and Short Description. If the user wants anything different, they must click to make changes.
    I think it would be more practical for the 2 fields to be the Item Number and the Item Description. The user could then do additional clicks if they want to browse by the Short Description. The 15 characters end up being quite cryptic in many cases. The Item Description is more useful. It could be truncated after about 30 characters if necessary.
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    Project Accounting Misc Log entry-detail line to default to expanded mode

    Suggested by Sheila O'LinnNew 0
    Category: Project Accounting

    Project Accounting Misc Log entry-detail line to default to expanded mode. The user has to deliberately click on the 'show more details' icon so that they can key in a unit cost. The default capture mode should be expanded so that the cost field is easily visible.
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    FIx Checkbook Register

    Suggested by Dan SaffoNew 0
    Category: Financials - Other

    The checkbook register runs very slowly after it was moved from a regular table in report writer to a temp table. The code to populate this temp table likely needs to be optimized because it takes up to 5 minutes just to run the report and I assume customers with higher volumes will take even longer.
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    Fixed Assets - Post Through to General Ledger

    Suggested by Kyle MaloneNew 0
    Category: Financials - Fixed Assets

    Please set the posting process to post through to the G/L, not just post to. If unable to make that the default, please allow an option.
    For all other main sub ledgers, when I create a batch (as I do in Fixed Asset GL Posting routing) and select 'Post', the batch posts through to the G/L.
    Currently in fixed assets, I have to generate the batch, post the batch in Fixed Assets & the subsequently go post the batches again in the G/L.
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    Add Email Functionality to Letter Writing Assistant

    Suggested by Amber BellNew 0
    Category: Tools - Other

    The Letter Writing Assistant is an awesome way to create letters for Customers, Vendors and Employees. Unfortunately, it only allows for printing of letters in bulk when using SmartList to generate. It would be awesome if the option to Email could be used via SmartList and the Letter Writing Assistant Wizard.