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    Inventory physical count on MS surface or Ipad

    Suggested by Gerald ClementNew 0
    Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

    It would be nice to be able to do a monthly physical count by lot or serial number on MS Surface, Ipads or even cell phones. (Bluetooth and USB capable scanners are widely available and compatible with tablets)

    Then compare what is counted to what the system thinks is on hand, count any missed items and do an inventory adjustment.

    We did an application like this on industrial scanners a few years ago. It was not that hard to develop but the industrial scanners were difficult to configure and had their own operating systems and software.

    A lot of users expect this to be a core capability and not a third party application...

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    Making Tax Digital in Dynamics GP

    Suggested by Kantilal MistryNew 2
    Category: System

    New HMRC requirement in UK, not sure if this is already available in the system

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    Email Settings to Link to Address ID's

    Suggested by Heather RoggeveenNew 0
    Category: System

    In playing with the email document settings to meet a specific client need, it seems to be lacking somewhat in how you can send emails for specific document types.

    This is a discussion I started in the forum:

    Essentially, I think you should be able to link a document type e.g. Invoice or Delivery Docket to an address ID type rather than a specific address.


    Invoice goes to the Bill To Address as defined on the Card OR
    Invoice goes to the Bill To Address as defined on the transaction
    Delivery Docket goes to the Ship To address as defined on the Transaction

    The forum post has some screen shots to elaborate and a very basic indicator of what I believe is needed.

    The scenario that drove this investigation was a client who has multiple store locations but one customer ID. The Ship To address is updated on each transaction.
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    Increase size of Company ID

    Suggested by Chris DobkinsNew 0
    Category: System

    When you create a new company, you must supply a Compny ID and that ID can be no longer than 5 characters long. This should be increased to Between 8 and 12 characters.
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    eConnect to create SOP to POP link

    Suggested by Richard WheelerNew 0
    Category: Tools - eConnect

    Have an additional eConnect method that will create the link between a sales order and a purchase order. So you use eConnect to create the sales order and the purchase order now we need one more method that will create the records in SOP60100. You can pass down the SO and PO numbers and this will find the lines and the headers and populate SOP60100. The current method does not behave this way.
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    Ability to print Fixed Asset forms 4562 and 4797

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 1
    Category: Financials - Fixed Assets

    We get questions yearly from a few GP Fixed Asset users whose auditors are looking for the forms 4562 and 4797, these are IRS regulatory tax forms. It would be a great feature to include in Dynamics GP, rather than relying on 3rd party or manually preparing the forms
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    User Access - Company Sort

    Suggested by Marc KUnder Review 0
    Category: Platform - Security

    In User Access Setup, once a user is selected, the list of companies is listed on the right side of the screen. It appears the companies are added to the grid in the order they were created. Please either add them in alphabetical order or make the grid sortable so that the administrator can sort them into alphabetical order.
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    Mask SSN on HR reports

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
    Category: Human Resources/Payroll - Human Resources

    I would like the ability to mask the social security number in HR reports similar to the option in Payroll to mask the SSN. That would be AWESOME!
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    Limit Excel Copy/Paste Decimals Places to Currency Setup

    Suggested by Charlie SavkoNew 0
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    It is possible to do an Excel copy/paste for more than decimal places than the currency is setup for. These do not show in the UI, which is misleading, however, the extra values are in the GL10001 table. These will also post, if balanced.

    At the very least, an error should be thrown for entries that exceed the decimal places.
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    Add "Save As" to Report Options

    Suggested by Marc KNew 0
    Category: Business Intelligence

    The standard reports (like Receivables Trial Balance) allows for options to be set and saved. However, there is no way to make a new option set based on an existing one. If I open a report option set and then change the name to a new one, all of the existing options in the window are reset to default.

    Please add "Save As" functionality that will allow a new report option set to be created from an existing one retaining the existing options.