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    Print Cash Receipts

    Suggested by Enrique GarciaNew 0
    Category: Financials - Accounts Receivable

    Print cash / payment receipt document from the Dynamics GP cash receipts window.
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    1099 Information

    Suggested by Mike GilmanCompleted 1
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    When you assign a vendor to be 1099 part way through the year or at the end of the year because it was forgotten, a window should pop up with all the payments for the year and let you pick the ones that should be 1099 with the appropriate amounts.



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    Allow resize of all windows

    Suggested by Nucking FutsNew 0
    Category: System

    This has been a problem with GP for decades.

    Many of the windows do not allow you to resize them properly.

    For instance some windows with long lists of items, you can not make the window larger. When you do the grid of rows do not get larger with the window. Not a good user experience.
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    PSTL Fix

    Suggested by David MorinelloUnder Review 0
    Category: Tools - Other

    The PSTL (Customer & Vendor) Combiner tools install SQL Triggers at the Company and Dynamics DB Levels. These Triggers should be enabled when used, and disabled when finished. Leaving them active can cause SQL blocking in active GP installations, especially if eConnect data feeds are in use.
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    Add Email Functionality to Letter Writing Assistant

    Suggested by Amber BellNew 0
    Category: Tools - Other

    The Letter Writing Assistant is an awesome way to create letters for Customers, Vendors and Employees. Unfortunately, it only allows for printing of letters in bulk when using SmartList to generate. It would be awesome if the option to Email could be used via SmartList and the Letter Writing Assistant Wizard.
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    Improve User Activity Tracking

    Suggested by Sandip JadhavNew 1
    Category: System

    Need to have simple auto user activity tracking for insert delete and update. Currently we have to activate user activity tracking but it is bit cumbersome to get data. By default system should track all those with simple activation.
    Reports should be very user friendly to understand what was previous value and what is new value. Deleted records should goto deleted table etc.
    Thanks much
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    Allow selection of multiple fields in SmartList "Change Column Display" window

    Suggested by Dawn PrigmoreNew 0
    Category: Business Intelligence

    In SmartList > Columns (Change Column Display), allow selection of multiple fields to remove and/or move columns.

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    Customer EFT notifications via E-mail

    Suggested by Matt LarionNew 0
    Category: Financials - Accounts Receivable

    Many companies pull funds automatically from their customer's accounts via EFT. This is typically based around subscription services or agreements. Currently GP does not have the built in functionality to automate emails to customer to inform them of the invoice(s) or the amount(s) that are pulled from customer's bank accounts.
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    Trial Balance report does not work when signing into Web Client with Windows Authentication if Account Security is enabled

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 1
    Category: Web Client

    The Trial Balance report will not display any data if you sign into Web Client with Windows Authentication and have the Account Security feature \ Organization Structure setup, Windows Authentication if Account Security is enabled
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    Journal Entry Inquiry - User Who Posted

    Suggested by Kyle MaloneNew 0
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    Please add the field 'User who posted' to the Journal Entry Inquiry window in GP. This is one of the most requested fields for managers & auditors and having to generate a report (whether it be a posting journal or smartlist) to pull the field is not preferable.