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    Add vacaction request to employee self service

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
    Category: Human Resources/Payroll - Human Resources

    Add the ability to submit a vacation request to the manager or payroll admin similar to the functionality we had in Business Portal.
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    save or minimize transaction when Go To is selected on PO exists message

    Suggested by Lisa GregoryNew 1
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    In GP2015 or later, a feature was added to warn a user if a PO exists for a vendor that a payables transaction has been entered for. If you click the Go To button, the transaction you were working on gets deleted and the PO Navigation window is opened to view PO's for this vendor. The message does not appear until the save button or the post button is activated. If the transaction had multiple distributions added this information will be lost and the user would have to start over again if there was no PO and the transaction should be entered in the Payables Transaction Entry window. I suggest that the Go To button minimize the window and then bring up the PO Navigation window for the vendor instead of deleting the transaction.
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    Sort by date

    Suggested by Loren ChurnessNew 1
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    It would be great if there was the "sort by date" check box in the Payables Transaction Inquiry so that documents could be more quickly sorted. As it currently stands it is a 3 step process. This is already an option in the Inventory Item Transaction Inquiry and it works great.
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    Payables EFT post in detail in bank rec - need in summary

    Suggested by ALTHEA KLAHRNew 0
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    When an EFT file for payables is sent to the bank, they deduct the entire summary amount from your account on one line. However, GP posts them as individual lines in bank rec, so reconciling is difficult and time consuming. And eBank Rec will not recognize them. My suggestion is to have GP post these to the checkbook in summary as that is how they are in our real checkbook at the bank.

    Our work around will be to setup a dummy EFT checkbook to run these from and then do a transfer each time we run EFT's from live checkbook to dummy checkbook in summary. We should be able to add that BAI code to eBank Rec to reconcile it as a transfer as well.
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    GL Posting Date option on HITB report should account for Document Date

    Suggested by Dean MartyNew 0
    Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

    When posting an Inventory Batch, the Post to GL checkbox can be unmarked. This results in the HITB record having a 1900-01-01 00:00:00.000 GL Post Date value ( which would be correct, since it was never posted to the GL side ).

    However, if you run HITB for a date prior to the Doc Date, the transaction will show up ( and should not ). It should show up on and after the Doc Date.

    So printing by GL Posting Date needs to also consider the Document Date when the GL Posting Date is 'blank'
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    Address Validation

    Suggested by Kiley BiermanNew 0
    Category: Financials - Accounts Payable

    When adding a new vendor, it would be great if the address could be validated.
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    Project Accounting drill back to historical GL years

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 1
    Category: Project Accounting

    In GP 2013 we added a feature for Historic years in the Journal Entry Inquiry window, this works for all modules except for Project Accounting. Once you close your year in GL, the drill backs no longer work on the source document of PATS Journal Entries which are project accounting for the historical years.
    Would be nice to have project accounting work like all other sub modules
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    Provide an administrative PTE Approval windows in GP

    Suggested by Beat BucherNew 0
    Category: Project Accounting

    Before GP 2013 introduced the new PTE TimeSheet & Expenses entry form to substitute for the defunct BP / PDK combo, the companion app PDK (Personal Data Keeper) had 2 functions for Administrative Approval of all currently submitted & approved TS & EE reports.
    This approval screen is sorely missed in the new GP PTE as only an employee or a manager can submit & approve reports.. There is no way in the new system to allow for an administrative employee (like a proxy) to check which Timesheets are currently submitted, approved or missing, and no way for that admin to enter a new TS / EE report on behalf of another employee (someone is sick or on leave, and has no way to submit a report for the weekly period).
    Please provide some similar mechanism within GP that was available in PDK.
    Thank you.
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    Monthly Deduction Limit Field In GP

    Suggested by Jeffrey NewellNew 0
    Category: Human Resources/Payroll - Payroll

    On Cards > Payroll > Deduction, there is a Pay Period, Calendar Year, and Lifetime limit option but it would be helpful if there was also a Monthly limit option for deductions that come out every pay period but the monthly amount is not an even amount of money. Using calendar year limit is an option but it carries pennies for each month for each person over until December and I'd rather it not do that.
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    Sales Document Detail Enquiry Zoom - enable copy of field values

    Suggested by Tim WappatNew 0
    Category: Distribution - Sales Order Processing

    So many times i see a user drill into the SOP document Enquiry zoom, then drill into look at the quotes and orders/ invoices related to the document in question, by expanding the document number field to open the Sales Document Detail Enquiry Zoom, then they almost always want to view one of the related documents listed there (the whole reason to go in that window).

    Both the Master number field and the listed document numbers in the grid are not "copyable" into the clipboard. There is no way to click and copy the document number into the clipboard to paste it back into document enquiry to lookup the document.

    Instead I see users scribble down the number on paper or on a sticky note on the other monitor then type it back into enquiry screen having closed all the windows back up.

    Would be great to either have a GOTO jump link from those document numbers, that pre-loads the SOP document enquiry window with the master number or document number selected (depending on context) and calls re-display, allowing the user to efficiently check through the hierarchy of documents.
    Or even simply the ability to copy them, via a copy button on CNTRL+C or some solution.