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      Add Workflow ( and/or Approval ) functionality to the Field Service modules

      Suggested by Dean MartyNew 0
      Category: Field Service - Other

      We have some great Workflow/approval processes in a number of areas in GP. If we could add the same or similar functionality into the Field Service series, that would be very beneficial for several of our GP Customers.
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      Allow User to Remove Linked PO on Service Call (Field Service)

      Suggested by Kevin DrozNew 0
      Category: Field Service - Other

      If you use Generate PO option on a Service Call, the parts get linked to PO.

      If the user decides that they will NOT wait for that item or find the item elsewhere, they cannot remove the item from the Service Call due to the linking in the SVC00203 and POP10110 table.

      IT is required to run a series of scripts to remove the linking so the item can be removed from the Service Call.

      Please add functionality so the user can remove the linking and the part can be removed from the Service Call.

      SQL Code being used to release Item:

      UPDATE SVC00203 SET SRVSTAT = '10I', TRNSFLOC = '', TRNSFQTY = '0.00000', PONMBRSTR = '', POLNSEQ = '0.00000' where dex_row_id = '10009668'


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      Report Type changes to Template instead of Standard

      Suggested by Maria ModesteNew 0
      Category: Field Service - Other

      We recently began using the Field Service Call Entry Window in Web Client and the Report Type in our Terminal Server automatically changed to Template instead of Standard for all users.

      We need the Report Option to remain as Standard in the Service Call Entry Window when printed as we currently do not use a Template.

      This is a product suggestion for the next version of GP.