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      Export AA Budget by GL Line

      Suggested by Chris WarrenNew 1
      Category: Financials - Analytical Accounting

      The AA budget when exported appears on multiple lines with the budget total at top level and then down in to individual GL account level.

      This means that to make the information useful the data has to be manipulated to remove superfluous lines.

      It would be better to export the data on an individual GL account basis.

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      Analytical Accounting information to post when using the same account for Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold

      Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
      Category: Financials - Analytical Accounting

      Typically you see customers set up the GL Account for Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold as separate accounts. We do not track Inventory in GL so we have the system setup to use the same account for both. When we do this, the AA required information does not default to the SOP invoice. Transaction Dimension and Code are not present on Inventory and COGS distributions.
      If I use separate Inventory and COGS accounts for items then it all works in AA as expected.