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    Allow "SELF-SERVICE" user types to access the User Preferences Workflow Delegation too

    Suggested by Beat BucherNew 2
    Category: Platform - Security

    It's been a known issue since the SELF-SERVICE user type was added to GP in 2015R2 (see
    Currently only the FULL & LIMITED user types have apparently access to some of the settings in User Preferences.. Also when login thru the Web Client, some features to customize the home page are not available at all.
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    User Access - Company Sort

    Suggested by Marc KUnder Review 0
    Category: Platform - Security

    In User Access Setup, once a user is selected, the list of companies is listed on the right side of the screen. It appears the companies are added to the grid in the order they were created. Please either add them in alphabetical order or make the grid sortable so that the administrator can sort them into alphabetical order.
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    Incorporate Document Security to all other Transaction Windows in Dynamics GP

    Suggested by Mariano GomezNew 1
    Category: Platform - Security

    The GL Transaction Entry, Bank Transaction Entry, Bank Deposits Entry, RM Transaction Entry, PM Transaction Entry, IV Transaction Entry, etc., all have different documents that can be entered and not all users have access to these documents. Similar to SOP and POP, it would be nice to be able to control access to these documents via Security Tasks.