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      Stock Count - ability to export and import counts to Excel

      Suggested by Wyatt BrocklebankNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

      Ability to export and import counts (including quantities counted and serial/ lot numbers) to Excel
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      Inventory physical count on MS surface or Ipad

      Suggested by Gerald ClementNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

      It would be nice to be able to do a monthly physical count by lot or serial number on MS Surface, Ipads or even cell phones. (Bluetooth and USB capable scanners are widely available and compatible with tablets)

      Then compare what is counted to what the system thinks is on hand, count any missed items and do an inventory adjustment.

      We did an application like this on industrial scanners a few years ago. It was not that hard to develop but the industrial scanners were difficult to configure and had their own operating systems and software.

      A lot of users expect this to be a core capability and not a third party application...

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      Item code browsing should present the Item Description instead of Short Descriptoin

      Suggested by Sheila O'LinnNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

      When browsing the Item Masterfile, the 2 current fields are Item Number and Short Description. If the user wants anything different, they must click to make changes.
      I think it would be more practical for the 2 fields to be the Item Number and the Item Description. The user could then do additional clicks if they want to browse by the Short Description. The 15 characters end up being quite cryptic in many cases. The Item Description is more useful. It could be truncated after about 30 characters if necessary.
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      Item Stock Inquiry filter by date

      Suggested by Carlos Fernández-RochaNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

      The ability to filter by date range, the transactions displayed on the screen for the stock inquiry window. Right now you see the whole item history right away, and if you have 7-10 years of historical data on the item, it gets really slow.
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      Inventory Adjust Costs - Include Unit of Measure

      Suggested by Kyle MaloneNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

      Across the distributions modules, you can use the Unit of Measure when processing or reporting on items. When using the 'Adjust Costs' utility, you cannot. This in turn requires the end-user to get out their calculator and start calculating values (which can and most likely will be different from due to rounding, especially with 5 decimal qty & currency options) instead of just being able to rely on the setup unit of measure options for that item.

      For adjust costs, please provide the ability to utilize the item's unit of measure schedule instead of requiring the user to adjust in base qty only.
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      IV00101 Item Master - Add UserID to table

      Suggested by Tim WappatNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

      The Inventory master table has created date, modified date, but lacks user who created/modified.
      This is a very helpful field when investigating who created or edited a record without going to full access logging.
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      Item Card - add user-defined fields

      Suggested by Wyatt BrocklebankNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

      Add at least 5 user-defined fields to the Item Card (2 of them should be text fields with at least 30 characters)
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      Enable the Inactive Items checkbox for the Item Price List reports to fuction

      Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

      Print Item Price List report { Reports | Inventory | Item }
      a. Report: Item Price List
      b. Click Modify on the Demo option
      c. Make sure the Inactive Items checkbox is not marked
      d. Print

      Would like the report to restrict out the items based on report options selected.
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      Copy IV items to another Comapny

      Suggested by Irfan RasheedNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

      Sometimes we have to copy same Inventory items in all associated companies. Currently there is no option to copy IV item from another company. I believe most of users are facing same issue as well.

      Irfan Rasheed
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      GL Posting Date option on HITB report should account for Document Date

      Suggested by Dean MartyNew 0
      Category: Distribution - Inventory Control

      When posting an Inventory Batch, the Post to GL checkbox can be unmarked. This results in the HITB record having a 1900-01-01 00:00:00.000 GL Post Date value ( which would be correct, since it was never posted to the GL side ).

      However, if you run HITB for a date prior to the Doc Date, the transaction will show up ( and should not ). It should show up on and after the Doc Date.

      So printing by GL Posting Date needs to also consider the Document Date when the GL Posting Date is 'blank'