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      Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in GP when using Exchange Setting

      Suggested by Joel RodencalNew 1
      Category: Tools - System Configuration

      GP is currently not supported/tested with MFA when using O365.

      With all of the added security around exchange and O365, GP needs to support MFA so that users can continue connecting to the Exchange server and not have to use a MAPI client.
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      Forms Printer Option Naming

      Suggested by Golan RozenbergNew 0
      Category: Tools - System Configuration

      It would be nice to have the ability to rename the form printing options.
      For example: instead of Blank, Short, Long, Other have the ability for the user to see Internal Order, Order Confirmation, Pro Forma etc..
      It would make it easier for the user to select the desired form and for a developer to quickly know which report needs to be worked on.