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      Resume Active Development of Management Reporter

      Suggested by Marc KNew 2
      Category: Business Intelligence

      Once receiving cumulative updates on a quarterly basis, now the most recent update for Management Reporter is from Feb 2017 (over 1 year ago). The messaging on the status of Management Reporter has been confusing, but it does appear that development has mostly ceased. Please reverse course on this and give Management Reporter the development resources it deserves. Financial Reporting, first via FRx and later via Management Reporter, has been an important feature in GP that should not be abandoned.
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      Allow selection of multiple fields in SmartList "Change Column Display" window

      Suggested by Dawn PrigmoreNew 0
      Category: Business Intelligence

      In SmartList > Columns (Change Column Display), allow selection of multiple fields to remove and/or move columns.

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      Add "Save As" to Report Options

      Suggested by Marc KUnder Review 0
      Category: Business Intelligence

      The standard reports (like Receivables Trial Balance) allows for options to be set and saved. However, there is no way to make a new option set based on an existing one. If I open a report option set and then change the name to a new one, all of the existing options in the window are reset to default.

      Please add "Save As" functionality that will allow a new report option set to be created from an existing one retaining the existing options.
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      light mode launch for Web Client Only

      Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
      Category: Business Intelligence

      Consider some sort of ‘light mode’ launch for Web Client Only users where only specific pieces load. Something that would be more mobile-friendly, too.
      We need something that is easier for users to modify what an employee sees or does not want them to see.

      A light mode launch of some kind where it doesn’t load everything, just enough to send the timecard/get paystub would be a great feature.

      I may not want to do W2's nor direct deposit just pay stubs but I have to keep all the links there, it is not easy to modify this.
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      Ability to End Web Management sessions

      Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
      Category: Business Intelligence

      Being able to end multiple sessions at once in Web Management Console. Would be nice if users had more control over this. The web admins want to be able to be more forceful in ending sessions, maybe this would be easier with the ‘light mode’ sessions?
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      Bug/Feature Request - Management Reporter - Export Landscape/Portrait

      Suggested by Kyle MaloneNew 0
      Category: Business Intelligence

      When setting up a report in Management Reporter, there are a couple key settings as far as display, exporting and printing goes.

      1. Fit to screen vs % of screen
      2. Landscape v Portrait
      3. Page Margins

      It would make sense and be incredibly helpful if these settings stayed consistent regardless of the application/export option that you were working with.

      This would include...
      MR Report Viewer Application
      MR Web Viewer
      Export to Excel (from both Report View & Web Viewer)
      Export to .XPS (from both Report Viewer & Web Viewer)

      Right now with CU16, the settings do no hold true across the place and then when eventually printing (especially if trying to print an entire group at once), the process becomes over-bearingly tedious.
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      Ability to process Intercomapny Transactions in Receivables Management

      Suggested by Roderick McCallNew 0
      Category: Business Intelligence

      Client would like to see the ability to post Intercompany Transactions in Receivables Management. The application only allows Intercompany Transactions for GL and PM. To process this type of transaction in RM would take a 3rd party or customization of some kind. Client expects this would be something that could be done since you can in the GL and PM modules.
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      Doc Attach - Max File Size Not Enforced When Attaching via Notes

      Suggested by Dave FinleyNew 1
      Category: Business Intelligence

      GP2016 R2 - Setting the Maximum File Size in the Document Attachment Setup does not prevent users from attaching files larger than this size to notes. We've tested this by adding attachments to Journal Entry notes and Vendor notes. If documents are attached via the paperclip in the ribbon on Vendors, the max file size is enforced properly.

      Additional information is available here:
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      Management Reporter Navigation List

      Suggested by Daron MigirdeyanNew 0
      Category: Business Intelligence

      MR Navigation List within Dynamics GP does not work after the release of CU14. We have to keep telling clients to create a shortcut and publish it onto their Home->Quick Links. We have requested multiple times via and this was verified by multiple sources as a bug.
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      Field Level Security Bypass password via entering three blank password using lookup window

      Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
      Category: Business Intelligence

      Fields protected with Password Before field security, can be bypassed using the lookup window and three blank password, allowing users to change value without a proper password.

      User Password After instead.We set up Field Level security that requires the user to enter a password before the field is updated. If the user pushes "ok" without entering the password three times, it bypasses the password requirement and allows the user to change the data in the field.