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      Add Inactive field to Item SmartList

      Suggested by Nicole AlbertsonNew 0
      Category: Business Intelligence - SmartList

      The Item SmartList is missing the "Inactive" field from the available columns to add list. It would be helpful to have this field by default so that you don't have to modify the list in SmartList Builder or create a new list in SmartList Designer to add it.

      The field being referenced is the Inactive checkbox on the Item Maintenance window to the right of the Item Number field.

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      View Document Attachments from SmartList

      Suggested by Curtis CruzNew 0
      Category: Business Intelligence - SmartList


      We are excited about the new Document Attach feature in GP 2016 R2 and feel this would be of great use.

      We currently use PaperSave to attach documents and find that having a 3rd party program load up during launching of GP is cumbersome. If we could switch to the Document Attach feature in GP this would be great.

      However, where Document Attach falls short is:

      1. Users would like to have the ability from within SmartList to perform Ad-Hoc querying and reporting to get back a result of transactions and to be able to export or have the ability to view the attached documents from those results..
      2. We are wondering if there is functionality somewhere in GP that will allow usto view multiple Document Attachments from a query result?
      3. This is a feature that PaperSave offered and the new GP Document Attach may be a game changer for us if users in GP could receive this functionality.

      Hope this makes it to the next GP release becuase I think this will be a game changer for users using PaperSave.