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    Import / Export Workflows

    Suggested by Terry HeleyUnder Review 1
    Category: Tools - Workflow

    Add some kind of Workflow export/import so we can more easily troubleshoot complex workflows. This would also give customers a way of ‘backing up’ their complex workflows. Some of our customers are running hundreds of steps at a time, making ‘just rebuild it’ very difficult but it’s a very common resolution to sporadic issues.
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    Add Navigation Lists for new GL Account Approval workflow

    Suggested by Rejected 1
    Category: Tools - Workflow

    The newly released (with GP2018) General Ledger Account Approval workflow is a nice feature add, however it appears that the associated Navigation List is missing.

    For example in purchasing, I have a Navigation List for Vendors containing "Vendors Not Submitted" & "Vendors Pending Approval" and also have similar navigation lists for Payables Transactions, Purchase Order Transactions, Purchase Requisition Transactions, etc... However in Financial, I only have the list for General Ledger Batches and nothing for General Ledger Accounts.

    Without such a list, it is difficult to determine the workflow status of GL accounts. Please add a workflow navigation list for the new GL Account Approval workflow.
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    Payables Transaction Approval Workflow - add GL distributions to Fields available in notification email

    Suggested by Brenda NibloNew 0
    Category: Tools - Workflow

    Payables Transaction Approval Workflow - add GL distributions to Fields available in notification email.

    Having the GL distributions available to show in the notification email would eliminate most approvers from needing to drill into GP to approve from their email remotely.
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    eConnect and Vendor Workflow

    Suggested by Isaac OlsonNew 0
    Category: Tools - Workflow

    As of now, if you have your Vendor Workflow turned on, you cannot update Vendors information through eConnect. You will receive a message saying that this must be done through the front end in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

    Adding logic to allow updates through eConnect to Vendors even with Workflow turned on, would be a great addition to eConnect.

    Essentially the only way to get through this is by turning the Workflow off, then updating the vendors and turning it back on, but then you also have to make sure you set the workflow status back to what it was or else it will come in as a 0 which is invalide.


    Update WF100002
    Set Active = 0
    Where Workflow_Type_Name = 'Vendor Approval';

    if exists(select VENDORID from PM00200 where VENDORID = @I_vVENDORID)
    select @I_vUSRDEFND1 = (Select Workflow_status from PM00200 where VENDORID = @I_vVENDORID)


    select @I_vUSRDEFND1 = 1


    Update WF100002
    Set Active = 1
    Where Workflow_Type_Name = 'Vendor Approval';

    update PM00200
    Set Workflow_Status = @I_vUSRDEFND1

    I tested this in my environment and it worked for me.