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    Multiple Tabs for Webclient

    Suggested by Shawn Dorward, MVPRejected 2
    Category: Web Client

    Add the ability to use the web client in more than one tab in the browser, at the same time.

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    Drill down to Web Client

    Suggested by Belinda AllenUnder Review 0
    Category: Web Client

    Drill down to Web Client – make the dggp drill down links work in web client so that you can drill down from Workflow emails, MR, Excel Reports etc to web client windows just like you can in Desktop Client.
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    Update web client to allow Company based color schemes

    Suggested by David MusgraveNew 1
    Category: Web Client

    Update the web client functionality so that the Dexterity commands for changing system colors works.

    Calls to Color_SetSystemColor() and Color_ResetSystemColor() are not supported on the web client and so all the functionality offered by being able to change background colors for different companies is lost to users on the web client.

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    Web Client - Maximize Windows by Default

    Suggested by New 0
    Category: Web Client

    Web client windows just make sense to be maximized by default. This would remove confusion over what is active and what is not active. It would also allow for more data to be displayed one a single window.
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    Trial Balance report does not work when signing into Web Client with Windows Authentication if Account Security is enabled

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 1
    Category: Web Client

    The Trial Balance report will not display any data if you sign into Web Client with Windows Authentication and have the Account Security feature \ Organization Structure setup, Windows Authentication if Account Security is enabled
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    Web Client - Single Row for records in scrolling window

    Suggested by New 0
    Category: Web Client

    When maximizing a web client window that has a scrolling window in it, it would be AWESOME if that row was taken from multi rows per record (need to hit the expansion button) to single row per record! I know that is a change in GP thinking... but it makes sense right? There is so much more 'screen' available... so why not?
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    Access Excel Reports from Web Client

    Suggested by Michael BufanoNew 0
    Category: Web Client

    Many clients are utilizing Web Client On Premise.

    There are many types of reports such as Management REporter, SSRS and Excel Reports

    The SSRS reports and Management REporter reports work.

    However, although users can see the Excel Reports in the List Pane, they cannot generate them from the Web viewer. Only the Desktop version of GP. Please add the ability to generate Excel Reports from the Web Client.
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    Change default report type 'standard'

    Suggested by Valeria MontagutNew 1
    Category: Web Client

    When working with web client, even though the templates have been disabled for the whole Company, 'template' value is setup as default report value. Can't change this setting.
    Please, review to modifiy this, in order to have the same behaviour that the desktop versión.
    Thank you!
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    Web Client - Tabbing out of the vendor search field does not trigger search.

    Suggested by Terry HeleyNew 0
    Category: Web Client

    In the Purchasing > Transaction Entry > Vendor > Vendor Search window. After entering the search term in the vendor search field, tabbing out does not trigger a search
    On other search fields in Web Client, tabbing out of the search field triggers a search.

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    Offer a quick way to disable header/footer from Web Client reports

    Suggested by Beat BucherNew 0
    Category: Web Client

    When printing any report from GP web client, it is going to default to the current web browser page setup, which might be completly off format from the current desired format in GP. Contrary to the full GP client where you have the option to change parameters before printing, this isn't available in the web client and by default will print with HTML header & footer, which is going to screw up some of the formating of the reports (especially if customized and using the full size of the paper).
    Often times this results in wasted paper until the end user finds out how to remove all HTML formating (header / footer / left / center / right) to get a proper report printed.
    That user will have to restore all the default values manually after using GP web client to print regular web pages from the internet with appropriate header/footer.