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    "Print to Screen" Size Change

    Suggested by Shawn Dorward, MVPUnder Review 8
    Category: System

    Why oh WHY do I have to resize the print preview window every time I run a report to the screen?  This seems like a simple fix and would save 1000's of click and drags... maybe even every day! :)

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    Update eConnect

    Suggested by Mike GiuffreUnder Review 9
    Category: Tools - eConnect

    eConnect is an essential tool for integrations to Dynamics GP. Please enhance and add to the target object set for new features and functions added to GP. This tool has not been enhanced for a long time.
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    Update the help in GP

    Suggested by Michael WeaverCompleted 8
    Category: Other

    Help windows in GP2018 open up as "GP2015 help".

    Noticeably missing are the features added in the last couple versions. Considering the user manuals are no longer being updated, it is difficult to find relevant documentation on current features. Are the "What's New" documents and various blogs the only documentation for GP these days?

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    Increase the size of the Reference and Distribution Reference fields

    Suggested by Michael WeaverUnder Review 5
    Category: Financials - General Ledger

    Both reference and distribution reference fields in GP's GL can only handle a maximum of 30 characters. I understand why these fields were kept relatively small when the product was developed in the early 90's, but 25 years later my customers expect a little more space to write descriptive information. I suggest 50-100 characters would be more appropriate and certainly more useful.

    NOTE: I have the same suggestion for the "Description" field on the Payables Transaction Entry window (also 30 char max), and probably many other fields in GP, but the GL ones seem to be the biggest problem for my customers.

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    Suggested by Tim WappatUnder Review 1
    Category: System

    Issue: Check links and reconcile takes far too long to run

    If the business logic were pulled out of dexterity and these were re-implemented in SQL using set based operations, this would transform a very painful aspect of running GP on large databases. 

    Once in SQL it could be scheduled from SQL jobs and results emailed via SQL for those of us with those skills. This would address the issue of unattended scheduling of these tasks which is another suggestion. 

    Even if just the key three pilars of SOP/POP/IV modules were addressed, I'm certain an operation that currenly takes more than a weekend duration to run (currently), would be reduced into minutes. 




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    Multiple Tabs for Webclient

    Suggested by Shawn Dorward, MVPRejected 2
    Category: Web Client

    Add the ability to use the web client in more than one tab in the browser, at the same time.

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    Option to use SSRS reports instead of Word Templates

    Suggested by Wyatt BrocklebankUnder Review 1
    Category: Other

    Option to use SSRS reports instead of Word Templates - particularly for printing/ e-mailing customer invoices/returns/quotes/orders/back orders, purchase orders, EFT remittances, etc.
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    Allow unattended scheduling of CHECKLINKS and RECONCILES

    Suggested by Tim WappatUnder Review 3
    Category: System

    The ability to get GP to run a check links and reconcile automatically via a schedule would transform the admin of larger sites. 

    I would love to reconcile our SOP and POP each night and IV over weekends, automatically and have the resulting reports written to a directory for me to review. Even if it meant passing params to GP application via windows scheduler or having another application to run on the server. Alternatively hooks into these processes for GP Addin would help.

    This is a hidden pain of GP admin currently. 

    This also relates but not depends on another suggestion, of moving the reconcile and check links into SQL for easier management. 


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    Worfklow for Security Changes

    Suggested by Shawn Dorward, MVPUnder Review 0
    Category: System

    With workflow growing with popularity, and rightfully so... I think it would be an awesome addition to add the ability to incorporate workflow with security changes... including new users and company assignments.

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    Interface GP with 64-bit Outlook

    Suggested by Jeff FryeNew 3
    Category: System

    Have both clients work with 64-bit Outlook instead of having to depend on the wonky and completly inadequate GP mail client.  A lot of email capabilities related to the contacts and formatting is lost.  


    May I suggest making GP a 64-bit program if it will help.  If a solution is not doable please stop promising that GP is compatible with 64-bit Office.