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      Allow loading of forms without taking over default form selection

      Suggested by Jayme PechanNew 2
      Category: UserX - UCI Web

      When you load a form with a URL, you can specify a formid which is useful for loading specific forms when needed, however, when you do this, the form becomes the default form for that entity/user so the next time the user clicks on one of these entities, it loads this alternate form instead. There are many cases where this is not desirable behavior. Sometimes it is helpful to have a summary form or a form displaying only minimal information in an iframe or another app. You wouldn't want these forms to become the default or even be selectable in the form selector for that matter. It seems like it would be a small change to perhaps add a property to the form that doesn't allow it to show in the form selector to become the default form, thus only being accessible via a URL containing the formid and with appropriate permissions, of course.