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    Use Application insights for customer telemtry analysis and reporting

    Suggested by SEAN MCNELLISNew 8
    Category: Organization Insights

    Many customers have requested the ability to configure an Application Insights telemetry key in their Dynamics 365 CRM/CE instance and be able to view/report and query (using app  insights querying) at least the following data.  One can imagine with these data points they could leverage other azure technologies to self heal or remediate as well as alert upon an increase in exception types or other arbitrary and flexible conditions as well build out PowerBI usage reports and end user adoption: 

    • Form load & browser rendering/processing times 

    • request source geographical data 

    • All plugin execution logs redirected to appinsights fail/success, etc (instead of the database) allowing for reporting, alerting, and complex querying

    • Other processing times such as bulk Deletion job results 

    • system jobs 

    • async plugin execution 

    • system job results being mirrored into app insights telemetry (including workflows, async plugins, etc) 

    With these events along with their requestid's and correlation id's customers and partners could report on end-to-end scenarios and figure out how a given async plugin, workflow, process fired which specific plugins, etc. 

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    Global address book security by teams

    Suggested by Bart VermeulenNew 0
    Category: Organization Insights

    As in AX2012 we would like to have the the address book security by teams. This allows a setup by which users linked to a team are allowed to see specific parties in the global address book bases on the address book linked to the party.

    it also contains security to see the derived relations (customers, vendors, persons...) of this party and their transations
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    Ability to hide [SYSTEM] user displayed on [Most Active Users] on [Organization Insights]

    Suggested by Takao MizushimaNew 0
    Category: Organization Insights

    [Organization Insights] is such a brilliant capability on Dynamics 365 (Online).
    However, in [Most Active Users] graph, [SYSTEM] user is included.
    The system administrator needs to confirm active users' usage situation, so [SYSTEM] user doesn't need to be displayed.

    It would be much better if [SYSTEM] user can be set hide/show on [Organization Insights] by each user in the coming version.

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    Track user devices/clients in Organization insights

    Suggested by Maksym MartynovNew 0
    Category: Organization Insights

    Could we have functionality similar to Application Insights(Azure) that will show user client information?

    Like Grids/Charts for:

    • Most used browsers/OS

    • Most used mobile platform

    • Numbers/list of mobile/outlook users

    Application Insights Example

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    French Organization Insights dashboard issues

    Suggested by David LYNew 0
    Category: Organization Insights

    On the French version of Dynamics CRM, we encounter the following issues regarding the Organization Insights dashboard:
    - a dialog box when filtering on dates with right dates (for instance, from April 1st 2017 to April 26th 2017): "Start time or end time can not be 90 days from today." (It could be a date problem (FR: dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm | EN: MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm))
    - a spinning icon keeping spinning to infinite when clicking the same filter button
    Any workaround or planned update of the solution to get rid of these defects?
    Thank you
    David LY

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    Add back ability for accounting currency to display next to company ID

    Suggested by Samantha SheridanNew 4
    Category: Organization Insights

    In AX2012 within the User options you could optionally add various items to the status bar, one of these elements was currency. This then gave the ability to easily determine the currency for the company, you could also then use this option to amend the display currency into a different currency. This was a neat feature although not used particularly frequently in my opinion.

    However the ease to be able to determine the currency was important especially for customers with a large quantity of companies all in different currencies who trade and transact in many other currencies with the same users switching between companies frequently.

    My idea is to bring this functionality back.


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    Create alerts in Organizational Insights

    Suggested by Michael BeckerNew 1
    Category: Organization Insights

    There is no way to trigger automated alerts in Organizational Insights similar to what is available in Azure.

    We would like to be able to set up email alerts so our admins are automatically alerted when certain events occur or threshholds are reached. For example if the size and/or number of auditbase tables grows beyond a certain size; or if the failure rate for certain plug-ins, APIs or system jobs reaches a certain percentage.

    Currently, someone needs to log into Dynamics and check this manually and this would be a prime candidate for automation.

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    Differentiate user access via web browser from user access via outlook add-in

    Suggested by Cara MouatNew 0
    Category: Organization Insights

    There is no way to currently differentiate when a user logs in via a web browser from when they login via the Outlook add-in.  This means you cannot measure user adoption to simply see who is logging on, as they may just be opening Outlook without even accessing CRM. 

    This means the data in the organisational insights user activity graphs is also skewed and not usable. 

    Sounds like a simple question but no simple answer. 

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    Admin Message: Your Storage Limit Will be Decreased

    Suggested by Rebecca AllenNew 0
    Category: Organization Insights

    Admin Message : Your Storage Limit Will be Decreased. My understanding is that the message means that you are nearing 73% of storage limit and you should install organization insight solutions.
    I have a customer who was very worried about this mesageing. Is it posisble to have messaging say Your Stroage Will be Reached Soon; and then have a link to Organizational Insights.

    I had a case opened for the customer 118052118227568 that has greater detail.
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    Allow Organization Insights to report in shorter intervals

    Suggested by Ali YoussefiNew 0
    Category: Organization Insights

    Due to the API throttling limit customers would like to monitor Dynamics 365 API calls made by specific users at higher granularity specifically five minute intervals. This will allow administrators to investigate and report on potential issues due to API throttling.