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    Please allow Undo or Unapprove to Project Service Automation

    Suggested by ANDRE MARGONOPlanned 14
    Category: Project Service Automation

    Currently once a time entry and expense has been approved, the user could not undo the approval, deletion is locked, status is locked.

    There are cases where the project manager might make mistake and need to undo the approval. Please allow this scenario.

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    Please allow time entry that has been approved to be cancelled (at least by the approver)

    Suggested by ANDRE MARGONOPlanned 2
    Category: Project Service Automation

    Once the time entry being approved, it can't be cancelled and sit in read-only state.

    Sometimes there is a need to adjust the approved timesheet and this is not possible right now.

    Current workaround is to open a support ticket and they will modify or delete the record using SQL script.

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    Translate incorrectly an English sentence into Japanese in [Project Service]

    Suggested by Toru MiyazakiUnder Review 1
    Category: Project Service Automation

    When the language is changed into English, it is not translated into English.

    - erroneous display in Navigation bar -

    From " Resource Requests " To " リソース要求 "

    From " Resource Requirements " To " リソース要件 "

    Probably, we think the translation is forgotten in Development.

    Could we have you consider improving this problem ?

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    Enable Business Closures per country

    Suggested by Antti PajunenNew 0
    Category: Project Service Automation

    Allow us to set Business Closures based on countries so that an individual country can have a country specific Business Closure. Then allow to set a user to a defined country so that work hours use a correct business closure.

    The need for country specific operations and settings has become even more critical with PSA and Field Service. As multinational companies have to take these into account, we should be able to offer them the OOTB possibility to choose country specific Business Closures.
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    Enable additional values for Time Registration Type on Time Registration Page

    Suggested by Per MikkelsenCompleted 1
    Category: Project Service Automation

    Given that everything else in CRM is customizable it is very hard to argue with customers that when they add additional values to the Time Registration Type (msdyn_type) these new options aren't available when registering time throught the time registration page. Would be great to see that the additional values added to the option set is also available to use


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    Project Service Automation (PSA) - Task efforts in minutes and duration in hours

    Suggested by Philippe CalvéPlanned 3
    Category: Project Service Automation

    I would like to see how to define tasks efforts as minutes, as we have sometimes tasks of 30 minutes or 3.5 hours for example. Also, duration can be divisions of a day for small tasks. For example, 4 tasks of 1h each end up to be 4 days in duration.

    When trying to change those values for float number, it defaults to "one".

    That functionality is possible in Microsoft Project but not taken into account when importing to PSA.

    It seems possible since the effort and duration are float values is a float. Only the interface, business logic and calculation engine is limiting the functionality.


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    Complete Project Task without timesheets

    Suggested by Muhammad AsimuddinPlanned 1
    Category: Project Service Automation

    In a project, we should have the option to mark the task to be completed as some cases organisation does not want to track the timesheet due to the nature of their business model.

    This is a typical MS project example. 

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    Allow modify vacance/absence time entries approved

    Suggested by Isabel Alútiz CalvoNew 0
    Category: Project Service Automation

    People needs to recover time entries approved because it´s common that they change their days of vacations, and now it is not possible.
    All customers think it is imperative for the right use of the app.
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    Incorrect hour in time entries created from time entries section

    Suggested by Isabel Alútiz CalvoNew 0
    Category: Project Service Automation

    There is an error when we create the time entry from time entries section.
    The start date field has the start hour included. When we create the time entry from time entries section, the hour is established in 1 PM and PSA creates 2 unavailabilities because the first starts at 1 PM and not at the time it should starts.
    In contrast, if I create the time entry from a standard CRM form and if I show the hour field, it takes the correct hour (is the start hour of the resource calendar).

    All the customers of Project Service Automation need that the start hour of the unavailability are the start hour of the resource calendar, because if not, there will be unavailabilities on incorrect days and theys will create bookings on incorrect days.
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    Allow us to decide when to invoice for a Product related to a Project Contract

    Suggested by Matt JohnsonPlanned 2
    Category: Project Service Automation

    Currently if you add Products to a Project Contract, these are picked up on the first Invoice which is created. There is no way to prevent this and no way to delete them off the Invoice so they will be picked up on a subsequent Invoice.


    We need the ability to defer invoicing for a product until we are ready.