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      Show/Resolve schedule conflicts functionality

      Suggested by Artem GruninNew 0
      Category: Field Service

      Legacy schedule engine was really good in finding schedule conflicts or services activities with lack of resources. It looks like modern engine doesn't have this functionality.

      Case: we have several bookings for one resource. This resource got ill and day of was created. Existing bookings are not canceled, highlighted or something.
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      "Resource Scheduling - Geocode Address" Action no longer available in workflow editor in v9.0 organisations

      Suggested by John ClarkNew 0
      Category: Field Service

      The "Resource Scheduling - Geocode Address" Action, which gets installed as part of Field Service (and presumably also Project Service), is no longer showing up in the workflow editor in V9.0 organisations. The action can be seen under Processes, but it is no longer available for selection in the workflow editor. It was available in v8.2. Please make it selectable again.