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      Partner / Admin User Access to CRM Online Organizations

      Suggested by Ryan PlourdeUnder Review 3
      Category: Signup and Subscription

      Create a Partner / Admin user role that can login to a customer's Dynamics CRM Online account without needing a paid user subscription.

      This would allow Partners or IT Admin to better support Dynamics CRM Online without requiring a paid user subscription.

      Access would be governed by the customer.

      A customer's success with CRM Online is oftentimes dependent on the Partner Communities involvement. A Partner / Admin user would allow for better CRM Online support which would result in less attrition.

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      Life Long CRM Online Subscription for Dynamics CRM Developers

      Suggested by MAKARAND KEERNew 2
      Category: Signup and Subscription

      Is it possible to get life long subscription for CRM Online especially for CRM developers? does offer it for free. It would be great help for developer community, as we are tired of re-subscribing online instance every 30 days.


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      Feature should be available to restrict the storage notification as per our requirement

      Suggested by Nicky PunjabiNew 1
      Category: Signup and Subscription

      Ideally if the storage of the CRM organization is reached 80% then the an email notification is sent to the administrators of the CRM organization.

      There should be a feature or a setting available to restrict the storage notification.
      For eg: If I have a CRM organization and the storage has reached 80% then I would be getting the email notification.
      However, there should be a feature \setting available wherein I can set the the limit to say 90% or 95% and like that.

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      Business Rules Not working for locking the fields

      Suggested by Harsh ChaturvediNew 5
      Category: Signup and Subscription

      Business Rules Not working for locking the fields in account.

      Business Rule Created:-

      If Account Number contains data

      Lock Account Name
      Lock Address 1: Street 1
      Lock Address 1: Street 2
      Lock Address 1: Street 3
      Lock Address 1: State/Province
      Lock Address 1: ZIP/Postal Code
      Lock Account Number
      Lock Main Phone
      Lock Address 1: City

      Account-> Selected a record and opened->Added a Number in the Account number field -> Other field which were suppose to be Locked after populating the Account Number Field through Business Rule were not Locking

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      CRM Online: Unable to purchase additional storage for validated Non-profit organisation

      Suggested by ROSLYN FRANCES MILLARNew 0
      Category: Signup and Subscription

      Currently organisations validated as Non-profit are unable to purchase additional storage as this has not been released. They still the warnings with the generic instructions on how to purchase storage but the option is not available via the portal. This limits the viability of CRM Online for larger non-profit organisations or forces them to restrict usage. Non-profits need the ability to purchase storage at the same price as other organisations

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      CRM Online storage limit should be configurable by Office 365 tenant

      Suggested by SHAWN DIEKENNew 1
      Category: Signup and Subscription

      I am logging this product suggestion on behalf of a couple different customers who have reached out to me now.

      Issue: Today the CRM Online storage limit is hard coded at 80% for CRM organizations. Administrators will get the "Storage limit exceeded" message when they have exceeded the 80% threshold.

      For many organizations they have hundreds of GB's and that 80% may be normal for them. Example: a customer with 500 GB would get this message even if they had only 400GB of storage.

      Feature Request: Can we make this configurable per CRM Online customer so that they can choose to set this at a higher percentage than the 80%? Example: 90%, 95%, etc.

      Shawn Dieken

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      Message 'Storage Limit Reached' should be sent to Admin only

      Suggested by Maureen OlstadUnder Review 0
      Category: Signup and Subscription

      When we reached 80% of our subscription storage limit and email was sent to all administrators. In addition, a message was thrown for every user when they logged into the system. The message caused confusion and concern across the sales force.

      The users have no visibility to Subscription Management and to aability to control the storage limit. They should not be bothered with these types of system messages.

      Limit the 'Storage Limit Reached' message to Administrators only

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      Ability to control user sign-in

      Suggested by RENA SATONew 0
      Category: Signup and Subscription

      It would be really great that if we can control user accessing to the org during specific hours.

      For example, if the org has business hours from 8:00-22:00, all users cannot access to Dynamics CRM Online before and after business hours.
      Please consider the ability to control user sign-in for future release.

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      CRM Online "Storage Limit Reached" email alert

      Suggested by MARC COLLINSNew 0
      Category: Signup and Subscription

      We are Partner Of Record (POR) for many clients. As POR for a client, we recieve email alerts regarding their Organisation. One of the alerts that we recieve is "Storage Limit Reached".

      The problem I have is the email alert does not state which client is for so therefore I have no idea which client has reached their storage limit.

      The the content of the emial is as follows.
      Storage Limit Reached

      Dear Administrator,
      You have reached 80% of the storage limit for your subscription. When the storage limit is exceeded, people will be unable to add data, such as records, to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

      To avoid exceeding the storage limit, we recommend the following:
      1. Delete any data that you no longer need. After you delete data, it may take 24 hours to reflect the deletion. Learn how to effectively free storage space.
      2. If you have the appropriate privileges, you can purchase additional storage for your subscription.

      Thank you,
      The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Team

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      Need ability to detect if CRM Online is a trial subscription or a paid subscription.

      Suggested by Shan McArthurUnder Review 2
      Category: Signup and Subscription

      I would like to be able to offer CRM Online trial customers a trial of my application as well. I would like to detect if the current CRM organization that my ISV product is running in is in a trial subscription or a paid subscription. Please add an API for me to be able to determine the subscription status.