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    I would like to have the public information about Security roles and their functionalities.

    Suggested by RENA SATONew 1
    Category: Product Documentation

    There are no datailed description about privileges in the security role and how each entity work.
    I would like to have it published officially on MSDN, TechNet, Official Microsoft Blog...etc.

    I'll attach the URL of public information we have at the moment which lacks its explanation.
    Title : Security role UI to privilege mapping
    URL :

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    Hide alphanumeric characters at the end of [SharePoint] document's root folder name uploaded from Dynamics 365 (Online)

    Suggested by Takao MizushimaNew 0
    Category: Product Documentation

    Create document on [SharePoint], alphanumeric characters are displayed at the end of document's root folder name.
    For file management, it is such a troublesome to confirm the file name.

    It would be user-friendly if alphanumeric characters are not displayed.

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    Please add the ability to describe what type of each field in the translation function template

    Suggested by Takao MizushimaNew 0
    Category: Product Documentation

    I attempted to edit the list of translation functions, but it is difficult to understand because it is unclear which field has what kind of elements as it is.

    It would be much better if there is a function to describe the type of each field in the translation function template.

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    Improve On-boarding Process for Admins, Devs & BAs

    Suggested by John GraceNew 2
    Category: Product Documentation

    I don't have a better idea other than to look at Trailhead from Salesforce.


    They have really nailed this process and Dynamics365 could really do with this to help partners bring new staff up to speed quicker & easier.

    Also love to hear if the community has any other ideas how we can do better?

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    SLA for environment Deployments

    Suggested by Sam WaltersNew 2
    Category: Product Documentation

    There should be written documentation for how long the environment deployment is going to take. There is sometimes when the environments from queued to deploying right away and other projects where they take multiple days to be deployed. This is something that should be heavily documented and a standard timeline maintained so that PM's and VAR's can accurately setup a project plan and budget accordingly. 

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    Please provide detailed information on the conditions and actions of the workflow in the list as public information

    Suggested by Takao MizushimaNew 0
    Category: Product Documentation

    Please provide detailed information on the conditions and actions of the workflow in the list as public information.

    Currently there is no information on how the "execution time" of "local value process" [activity number] "[activity number including process] works.

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    Keep D365 Online Release Support Page Up-to-date

    Suggested by Dave EspenschiedNew 0
    Category: Product Documentation

    There is a version history page for D365 Online Releases:

    However, this page is not kept up-to-date. For example, presently the "Next Pending Update" is, but D365 orgs have received update Current "Next Release" information would reduce support incidents from customers and partners.
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    Provide sample Powershell code to access and use APIs

    Suggested by Sven DUBOISNew 1
    Category: Product Documentation

     I try to use Powershell to access CRM Management APIs, and the Powershell code we use to connect to the CRM APIs won't work. And the only exemple given is written in C#:

    Please systematically provide Powershell code samples. C# is overkill for writing monitoring and integration routines.

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    Add new filter "Social Engagement" to the site

    Suggested by Ramon Tebar (MVP)New 0
    Category: Product Documentation

    Social Engagement is already an independent application. It would be useful to have the ability to filter by "Social Engagement" in the Dynamics Roadmap site ( For instance, when I search by Dynamics 365 for Sales or Customer Service, I get many changes regarding "Social Engagement". I would prefer to be able to look for those separately.



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    Changing Word Template language should change Product language too.

    Suggested by RONALD MASCARENHASNew 0
    Category: Product Documentation

    Issue Repro: Open a Quote > Word Template from menubar > in the Word Template select language at the bottom and change its language > the Products are still in the User Interface language even if a Product Translations file has been imported earlier.

    Expected Behavior : We expect that the Products language will change to the language of the Word Template without using the workaround of changing the User Interface language for the Products language to change. 

    Benefits : This will save the Users a lot of trouble because they need not know the language they are exporting the Quote Word Template (including Products) and can just select the required language from the Word Template and export it.